1CGS updates on project status, new video appears

A new developer update and the last for 2017 has appeared today with some great new information and a new 11-minute long video detailing some of the new aircraft. This is an update you don’t want to miss!

Kuban set for release in early 2018

Everything is coming together on the IL-2: Battle of Kuban release. Originally planned for December 2017 it looks like the project will finish sometime in early 2018 with late January or early February likely time periods for the release.

Version 3.001 brings with it a huge list of new features and today we got an update on some key items:

  • 5 new aircraft: P-39L-1, A-20B, Yak-7B Series 36, Bf109G-6 (Collector Plane) and La-5FN (Collector Plane)
  • Co-op system along with new stats system being tested
  • Career mode being tested

Han, updating us on the details today had the following details to reveal:

The new Career is finished from functionality point of view, it is being tested, debugged and filled with missions and locations content. We plan to have as many as 40 generated mission types; 20-25 of them will be ready for 3.001 and the rest will be added during the course of the year. Generated missions will have randomized locations, mission route and target parameters, weather conditions and other details, so each sortie will play differently.

This is exciting. The new 20-25 mission types themselves will be interesting but the promise of having as many as 40 types (think of these as generated templates) suggests that 1CGS is willing to keep the content flowing and to ensure that the Career mode will have a good level of variety even when the missions themselves are being generated.

The randomized elements will help make everything feel a little less “samey” as well.

Also interesting… Alpha testing the 3.001 patch has begun! This is good news. Very good news!

Today we plan to start 3.001 alpha testing, hopefully our testers will help us finalize all the work we were busy with for 4 last months quickly and effectively.

New 11-minute long video!

Hop over to the Developer Update to see the new A-20B cockpit screenshots and then go and watch this new video showcasing all of the new aircraft.

My favourite thing here is the new A-20 and its wonderful starting sound effects. Also, you get a very good idea of why the A-20 took so long and why its so complex to build bombers. Watch as the gunner stations are configured and used in a very realistic fashion.


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  1. PIxel Dust says:

    I still enjoy the machine sounds themselves, the groaning brakes, the sheet-metal hollow thumping and echoing, it makes you realize that these are really just hollow boxes, smoothly skinned for flight, but very simple in construction. Makes the whole thing very immersive.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Sound and the way that the sounds align themselves with the physics/actions from objects are one of the hallmarks of the second gen IL-2 series. One of the things they did really really well. It’s not perfect but the immersion is superb!


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