IL-2: Kuban map changes, official campaigns redesigned? UPDATE

The 1CGS team is back to work and a new morsel of information has appeared on the forums. Ten Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe will be redesigned and the Kuban map will see some changes.

First, the details

Falcon41 on the official forums asked today about missions and if they will need to be redone in any way after the 3.001 release. Here’s his question first:

This may sound like a simple question, but with all the new features projected for the next update, what will happen to older missions and scripted campaigns? Will they be able to run under the newer version or will they have to modified?

And now we have Black Six’s answer which I found to be interesting:

I’d recommend for the authors of missions and campaigns to check their work after the 3.001 release (especially if you’ve already started working with the Kuban map, there will be a lot of changes).

Both official scripted campaigns (Ten Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe) will be significantly redesigned for the new version.


Kuban map updates?

The Kuban map already looks incredible, but further changes apparently are planned

I’ve taken a few minutes to parse this out. First, it appears that there will be some changes to the Kuban map itself. Already a stunning looking map, I do wonder what kind of changes would be in store at this point.

One suggestion I’ve seen out there was for more coniferous trees (trees like pine that don’t loose their needles or leafs) to appear in the higher altitudes. That is something that the team might do. Back when IL-2: Battle of Moscow was under development an early version of the Moscow map lacked any coniferous trees. That changed in a follow on update that added realistic (based on survey data) distributions of deciduous and coniferous trees across the map.

Besides that, I can’t think of much that might improve the map. It already looked done to me. It is possible that the changes are small, yet, it does sound like these changes may impact the way that missions are designed or work. At the very least a building move on some key airfields could cause issues with missions not yet updated.

Update (Jan 16, 2018): We now know a few more details on the map changes from Black Six though this may not be the exhaustive list:

1. Many roads will be changed, you’ll need to check the movement of all columns and ground battles along the roads

2. Six towns and a port will be added:

Троицкая – 0822
Черноморский – 1021
Верхнебаканский – 1118
Красный Октябрь – 0818
Курчанская – 0717
Камыш-Бурун (town and port – the base of German torpedo boats) – 0708

You’ll need to check the movement of the columns and ground battles at these places.

Official campaigns updated

Also of interest is the news that Ten Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe were both getting updates. Indeed, Black Six said “…significantly redesigned…”.

Blazing Steppe’s missions will definitely be visually improved thanks to the Stalingrad map update

Its possible that BlackSix is overstating things but it does sound interesting and potentially exciting to see both campaigns get some major updates. What form will those updates take? Nobody knows yet.

One feature I can see being of interest would be the new dual layer cloud formations. That significantly changes the gameplay in some situations and it will make for some stunning new visuals to boot. They probably won’t be seen all the time but its interesting to see the desire to make that update important.

The visual updates to the Stalingrad map will undoubtedly paint the Blazing Steppe campaign with a bit of fresh detail right from the start.

Visually updated Stalingrad summer and autumn maps really pop with the improved distance rendering coming in 3.001

What about the missions? Could the missions themselves change or have added missions added? I think that seems unlikely but who knows exactly what is planned here.

At this point we have only a little tidbit of information. After a few weeks of relative quiet around the holidays, its nice to know that the information is once again flowing and that there are still new details to learn about!

Update (Jan 16, 2018): Black Six detailed some of the changes coming and they are substantial just as he said:

Ten Days of Autumn:

1. All missions will be completely reworked and brought to the modern standard (like future IL-2 campaign for BOK)

2. New planes will be added and the complexity will be increased in some missions

Blazing Steppe:

1. All missions will be brought to the modern standard (like future IL-2 campaign for BOK)

2. The map overlays will be completely redesigned and expanded for all missions

3. The localizations will be corrected and possibly in the future German localization will be added

I put our chances of at least a small developer update this week at “pretty good” and I keep looking forward to new bits of information. One thing remains certain, 3.001 is going to be one of the biggest updates in the IL-2: Great Battles series history. I’m stoked!


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