IL-2’s Stalingrad map is getting a makeover

The 1CGS team was having some issues with how repeating textures looked with the new draw distance improvements. They decided the easiest thing to do was implement a massive upgrade project for the Stalingrad map. Count me as surprised!

1CGS’ map team makes a big update

Evgeny Isaev, IL-2’s Lead Map Maker made a rare appearance to bring us this update on some major changes to the Stalingrad map, saying:

We read your comments on the forums and know that some of you put up some valid points regarding the maps, for instance, that the Stalingrad area is a steppe and therefore it should have much less agricultural fields. We knew this since we always do a thorough research on the areas we recreate in the game, but this implementation was mandatory. It’s pleasant that you notice smaller things. Now, the most part of the updated Stalingrad map will be a steppe, making it more true to history.

Thanks to our increased experience and new methods at our disposal we were able to achieve a much better result – the ground surface became much more vivid, its microfeatures are different on cliffs, ravines and plains, contributing to the feel of the world scale and allowing to estimate your altitude easier.

The Stalingrad map dates back to the original release of the IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad project. The winter version came first followed by the Summer and Autumn variations the year after.

More steppe and less agriculture is a realistic update to the scenery in the area. Repeating textures are much (much!) harder to spot now.

The Moscow map made several visual improvements aimed at breaking up repeating textures and providing a more realistic visual. Textures were improved as well. For Kuban the team used height map information to help with texture placement which is why the Kuban map looks so natural – especially in the valleys and on the mountains.

Here’s a strong comparison between the old and the new:

The updated map is coming in version 3.001 (along with everything else!) for the Summer and Autumn maps. The winter map will suffer less from the repetitive textures but I’m curious to know if it will be worked on as well.

For the rest of the screenshot comparisons and the full update, see the latest Developer Diary Update!


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