DCS World 2.5 video round-up!

DCS World 2.5 beta is now out in the hands of the public and with that there comes plenty of content filtering out on to YouTube. This is a video round up of several great DCS World videos.

Lots of great videos to watch

Let’s start off with a fairly simple video coming from Corvus.Corp 81 on YouTube. This video has a perfect split screen and side by side effect that showcases both 1.5.8 and 2.5 next to each other. The same aircraft flying the same route from (presumably) the same track file let you really appreciate just how far the new engine takes things.

Next we have prolific YouTuber Magz and MagzTV doing a great overview and commentary on the new Caucasus map. Magz walks you through some of the changes, how the map is performing and shows off at least a few of the weather effects.

For the next video I go back to Magz with another one of his walkthroughs. He’s been waiting, as I have, for DCS World 2.5 to come out before starting to play and showcase some of the various DCS campaigns. Now that it’s here and he’s started up a Su-33 campaign and he shows off mission 1 which includes some basic carrier ops and lots of flying around with the Su-33.

The next one is from The Reapers with their long range strike against an armored platoon. Lots of low level Viggen flying, some A-10s doing what they do best, and a fair bit of air combat too. The backdrop is the gorgeous new Caucasus map and it’s also the first showcase that I’ve seen of large scale DCS World 2.5 multiplayer combat.

If you’re lucky enough to have a 4K screen or, even better, a 4K ultra wide at 21:9 aspect ratio, this video is for you. Y2K straN1x’s YouTube channel has an extreme high quality video and the extra wide aspect gives you a view that you just don’t see anywhere else. Even if you don’t have the screen (I certainly don’t)… you can still appreciate the unique views presented here.

Finally, I’m reposting a video I shared earlier in the week. Glowing Amraam is one of the best cinematic creators for DCS World and I’ve been watching many of his videos for well over a decade. Contracted by Eagle Dynamics, Glowing Amraam’s DCS World 2.5 Launch Trailer is… epic. It’s a love letter to fans and a showcase for everything that DCS World offers right now and in the near future. If you missed it last time, give it a watch now.

Share your top videos

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of videos. Did I miss something? Share the best DCS World 2.5 video you’ve seen so far in the comments.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lemsip says:

    Hi Shamrock,

    Just out of curiousity, will you be making a video round up after the release of 3.001 for IL-2?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Absolutely. I’m pretty excited about what IL-2’s 3.001 patch has to offer and I’m sure there will be a ton of content out for that too.

      Right now it’s DCS’ time to shine a bit with a long awaited update. IL-2’s time for that is coming soon.


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