Updated rumors on IL-2 version 3.001 releas

We’ve been waiting so long for patch 3.001 for IL-2: Battle of Kuban that I’ve written more than a few rumor updates on when the patch might be coming out. Let’s talk the latest rumors!

Soon, very soon

The joke in flight sim circles is that everything is coming out in “two weeks” or “soon” or even, infamously, original IL-2 creator Oleg Maddox once said something to the effect of “two weeks, be sure!”

So with various vague ideas of just what is happening and when, let’s revisit a rumor that the community has been considering.

Consider that some past releases have occasionally come after a sale. Also consider that the Lunar New Year Sale was extended past the original Steam timeline. Finally, if we look at the latest developer update we’re hearing mostly from a tester. It has the feeling of reaching a peak.

Finally, we normally don’t see performance stats for new aircraft show up on the forums until very close to release or sometime after.

As always…

… we’ll see what happens come Tuesday. It’s a busy week for me but new content is incoming looking at the new aircraft of 3.001 and much more.

If not this coming week, perhaps the following. We’ve got to be close.


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  1. Boris_CRO says:

    Seems it will be around first spring day….. 16th to 24th of March

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That is what we’re looking at! Start the countdown.


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