Logitech releases updated X-56 with RGB

It’s been well over a year and a half since we heard the news that Logitech was buying the Saitek line-up of joysticks from Madcatz. Although many sticks have had the Logitech logo slapped on them in the meantime, we’re now finally seeing the first updates to the line-up that will hopefully portent a much brighter future for this line of sticks and throttles.

RGB is the in-thing

One way you can tell the old from the new is by a key new feature: full RGB lighting controls. This means you can change between a multitude of different colours. Make it match the wallpaper, your peripherals, or change it to suit your mood. RGB customization is big in peripherals right now and Logitech has chosen to add that.

There are adjustable springs, button/thumbsticks, the independent twin throttles from the earlier version, and of course programmable controls.

The X series sticks had largely languished under the MadCatz management with quality declining and few if any updates being pushed out. I personally suffered through some atrocious driver support (and tech support) for my old Saitek X-52.

I hope that this re-release of the X-56 is a better, higher quality stick all around. If you have any experience with the new stick please don’t hesitate to post a comment!

Prices vary but the new stick has appeared on Amazon.com and NewEgg.com.


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