First missions in IL-2’s new Career Mode

Patch 3.001 introduced the brand new Career mode to the IL-2 series for the first time and I’ve been playing a fair bit of this new mode when time allows over the last few days. Here are some of my early experiences and a brief look at what the mode offers.

What will you fly first?

The question on many minds for weeks and months has been what career are you going to pick as your first in this new way of playing IL-2. I wasn’t sure what I would pick initially but I knew it was going to be on the new Kuban map.

I had a look at a few options and nearly picked two or three different options but one stuck out at me as soon as I found it and I knew I had to play it.

In 2011 I produced an IL-2: 1946 campaign called The Dragon Skies (still available on Mission4Today) and the unit I picked to feature in this campaign was a relatively well known Yak unit in the southern front/Black Sea region – 812 IAP. When I saw 812 IAP and their Yak-1B Series 127 available for the new Battle of Kuban Career mode, I knew this was going to be my unit.

First missions with the 812 IAP

Creating a pilot and selecting 812 IAP on the map you get transported very quickly into the unit and then into action. The first mission was a fighter sweep to protect friendly units near the coast on the Sea of Azov.

This first mission was actually completely uneventful. No enemy aircraft spotted during the entire mission. That was ok actually as I was coming to grips with performance issues with the series (I’ve mostly solved them now) but it gave me a good taste of future missions.

For mission two I increased the difficulty as well as the density of frontline objects and things are really starting to happen now. The second mission was a bomber interception mission against a whole group of Stuka bombers. I counted 7 in the formation and there may have been more.

On patrol on a hazy day in my first Career mission.

Our mission was really interesting as their position was continually updated by observers on the ground letting us know their current position and giving us the ability to plot a better intercept.

Other units were involved as multiple Yak-1Bs were harrassing the formation and engaging the fighters. By the time we got to them the Bf109s were tied down in intense dogfights opening the door for us to really work on the Ju87 formation. Which we did!

I ended up with four shot down and the other three were shot down by the rest of the flight.

The return to base was uneventful as was the landing, however, that wasn’t the end. A flight of Bf109s overflew the field shooting aircraft still in pattern and kicking up a ton of flak. One of the Bf109s was shot down while the rest left the area.

Variety adding spice

These Career missions are certainly more varied and eventful than anything we’ve seen generated by the old Campaign mode. Combat and action can seemingly happen at any time and there’s just enough going on to make things interesting.

I’ve had no issues with my system being overwhelmed with aircraft and units going on so far which has been very satisfying. Some have seen issues, however, the developers have made options available allowing the player to choose just how dense the action is along the frontline.

I’ll be adding more to my experiences as time allows! More to come folks!

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