Plenty of screenshots from IL-2 patch 3.001 in action

I take a lot of screenshots when flying IL-2 and DCS. Mostly its for fun but they also come in handy for when I need something for an article. This evening, however, I’m sharing plenty of screenshots just to show off what IL-2 version 3.001 looks like. With all of the visual changes I hope this helps highlight some of the different ways things look now.

Winter scenery

The first batch of screenshots is all winter images. I haven’t taken as many of these yet but you’ll get a sense that winter scenarios are a little different looking than before. Everything has more of a blue tint on it making it feel colder but giving some colour to the endless white.

Kuban spring and summer

The Kuban map I’ve talked about many times before but let me repeat: Its beautiful. The variations in terrain means its easy to know where you are just by the scenery around you. Giant mountains give way to open sea and flat plains lead up to sharp cliffs. It’s beautiful.

The new Stalingrad map

Have you heard? The Stalingrad map got a big update for version 3.001 as well. It brings the map up to about the same standard as the Kuban and Moscow maps and its quite a change for pilots flying over the Autumn and Summer maps. More screenshots and comments to come but are a few just to give you a sense of what its like.

More screenshots to come!


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