RAZBAM making progress on LHA Carrier

A future update for owners of the DCS: AV-8B will bring with it the LHA-1 USS Tarawa Landing Helicopter Assault Carrier in enhanced detail. And it’s looking really good!

LHA for some and for all

If you’re confused how this will work, the already present LHA-1 USS Tarawa available in DCS World right now will be the standard ship that everyone sees. For owners of the AV-8B module, however, in the future they will see a much enhanced version of the ship.

Just see for yourself in these screenshots posted to RAZBAM’s Facebook page!

Obviously, this is a nice treat for owners of the AV-8B and is just part of what’s included in the price. Fans of operating the USMC’s jump jet attack fighter from the decks of a Landing Helicopter Assault (LHA) carrier will definitely be in for a treat when this arrives.

No ETA available right now but look for it in future DCS World updates.

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  1. Francesco Kasta says:

    The Harrier is the best 49 bucks I have ever spent on DCS.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I wish I had bought it earlier. It’s on my list but I need to save a bit before I grab it.

      Have any standout features you love?


      1. Francesco Kasta says:

        The only standout feature is the obvious fact that it can take off and land vertically, really.
        Take away the V/STOL and it’s nothing we haven’t already seen before. But that V/STOL is more than enough to make it different and appealing. Challenging and fun.

        I found the Harrier to be surprisingly easy and forgiving to fly honestly, I am a lousy pilot yet I can air refuel it with my eyes closed (i.e. with the A-10 I have to keep VERY focused). It’s a light plane, very quick and nimble and it won’t give you much time to get a fix on the target so you better work fast. The payload however is very limited and it is ridiculous how the aircraft becomes almost uncontrollable with an asymmetric load, it almost banks 90 degrees once you shoot a Maverick.

        Because of its low carrying capabilities it is quite standard in a mission to be forced to land back on ol’ mama Tarawa and rearm… countless times.

        Weight matters! You’ll quickly learn to mind the mass of the ordnance you have on board, the fuel and the water. Try landing on the carrier when you are a few pounds too heavy and you’ll drop like a rock!

        It’s the little things, you know.

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