DCS community organized Igor Tishin memorial flight UPDATED

Eagle Dynamics founder, Igor Tishin, sadly passed away last week and the DCS community is paying their respects to him and his vision with a memorial flight.

Organized memorial flight

Enormous community support came out with registration at simulator news site Two More Weeks filling up rapidly.

59th Ravens posted a full stream of the event:

So too did Galm Gaming:

And there was also a short homage posted by Oliver Gaming:

UPDATE: The 59th Raven’s virtual squadron has put together another video with a more cinematic take on the memorial flight. This is a touching video with an appropriately somber tone and a wonderful way to see the community coming together.

Facebook DCS group member “Hussien M. Flanker” also  did a memorial skin for the MiG-29 with both bright and dark schemes.

Igor gave us Flanker

Tishin of course gave us Flanker in 1995, although primitive looking by modern standards, had all of the ingredients to spawn a series of flight simulators stretching forward to DCS in 2018.

Looking back at the original Flanker is fascinating to me as you can clearly see all of the elements that make up combat flight sims today. The graphics were more primitive, the physics more simplified, but everything was there. Read to set the stage for something wonderful to grow from it.

Igor gave us Flanker and by extension helped create what Eagle Dynamics and DCS is today. We will miss him. Rest in peace.



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