Eagle Dynamics founder, Igor Tishin, passes away

His name doesn’t really come up on this blog but it was revealed today that Igor Tishin has passed away. Igor was founder of Eagle Dynamics and driving force behind the original Flanker, Lock-On: Modern Air Combat, and DCS series.

Community in mourning

Igor Tishin.jpg

The flight sim community is small and when people who have given a lot to make flight sims come to life pass away – it hits hard. That was the case, I think, on the forums, on Facebook and across the flight sim community.

The following statement was posted earlier today on the Eagle Dynamics forum.

Yesterday afternoon, our leader and friend Igor Anatolievich Tishin passed away from complications post chemotherapy. We mourn this tragic loss and pray for his family, his wife Tania and father Anatoly Petrovich. Eagle Dynamics was a huge part of his life and most of our dreams stemmed from there. The Team will gather soon to ensure that Igor’s legacy gone on and always be remembered in the products we make. We commit to following his wishes and for the dream to continue through the capable hands of those who remain. The whole Eagle Dynamics team, family and friends pray God to our beloved Igor.

Our deepest condolences to all who knew him and loved him well.

Different members of the community have different ways of showing their respects from comments and reactions on social media and the Eagle Dynamics forums. Some, went on to create memorial skins to go on the aircraft that first brought the series to light.

Here we have Facebook user Hussien M. Flanker’s (his real name?) image that he posted of an Su-27 with memorial imagery and the DCS logo to complete the image. Full size here.

Igor Tishin Memorial Su27

We may not have always spoke his name but Igor clearly made an impact in the lives of many a flight sim enthusiast and I’m sure his loss is felt by all in this small community as it surely is by his family.

Rest in peace.

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