DCS World 2.5 update, Hornet, Persian Gulf and more

The Eagle Dynamics team is moving forward with some fairly significant updates coming for DCS World including updates to the 2.5 beta, new sensor and systems setup for the F/A-18C, and what looks like a nearly finished Persian Gulf map. All courtesy of DCS World Weekend News.

Hornet systems and liveries update

Both engineering and art teams are busy at work on the F/A-18C with plenty of new skins being produced for the Hornet and more underway. In my most recent update I was able to dig up a list of skins that the team was talking about – but that list was over a year old and now we have official word on their primary and secondary objectives for completion with primaries coming first and secondary being finished sometime after.

Just one of the many liveries coming in early access. This one is a Hornet from the US Navy’s VFA-83 “Rampagers”.

Primary skins for F/A-18C

US Navy
VFA-34 “Blue Blasters”
VFA-37 “Ragin’ Bulls”
VFA-83 “Rampagers”
VFA-87 “Golden Warriors”
VFA-131 “Wildcats”
VFA-113 “Stingers”
Blue Angels

US Marine Corps
VMFA-232 “Red Devils”
VMFA-323 “Death Rattlers”
VMFA-251 “Thunderbolts”

Fighter Squadron 11
Fighter Squadron 21

9th Squadron
25th Squadron

Fliegerstaffel 11, Air Wing 13
Fliegerstaffel 17, Air Wing 11

These are all operators of the F/A-18C. Next they have F/A-18A operators that have seen upgrades over the years. These won’t be completely analogous to the F/A-18C but from what I’ve read – the differences are quite small.

Secondary skins for F/A-18C

425 Squadron
409 Squadron

No. 75 Squadron
No. 77 Squadron

Escuadron 151
Escuadron 121

Test Squadron
VX-23 or VX-9

On the whole I’m overjoyed at the list with plenty of different operators represented. The fact that I’ll be able to load up a 425 or 409 Squadron skin with the RCAF’s CF-188 makes me really excited too. Can’t wait to do that! I can imagine many more folks will be interested in this too.

Moving on to systems, the Eagle Dynamics team is working hard on systems. Particularly the AN/APG-73 radar system. They are working on Single Target Track (STT) mode and everything that goes to work behind that.

A debug screen showing what the AN/APG-73 radar is up to.

Their one statement about laying a lot of foundational work here is essential too. If their next project is the F-16 or another multi-role fighter, having this work laid out will make development that much quicker with related systems.

The Hornet does share a lot of similarities and systems with other complex aircraft so here’s hoping that it will eventually lead to some other fan favourites being added to the series. Likely a question of when not if.

Persian Gulf map heading to release?

DCS-ED-Persian Gulf (9)

The Eagle Dynamics team is talking more about DCS: Persian Gulf and it likely means that their map and art team are nearly finished with their work on it. Will it arrive before the DCS: F/A-18C module? That’s been upgraded to maybe in my mind.

Dozens of new work in progress screenshots have appeared on the DCS website and they seem to show a map that is looking quite finished and ready to fly over.

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, the Persian Gulf Map entered external testing recently and the development team has been very busy fixing bugs, improving mesh and texture quality, and optimizing the map. Like the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map, the Persian Gulf Map will also use clip maps and merge satellite imagery with hand-created textures.

External testing is particularly good news. When projects go there it means that we’ll be seeing a lot more of them sooner than later. I’m predicting early access pre-order sales will begin within the next month.

In the meantime, enjoy some screenshots of the new map!


Though having a similar aesthetic to Nevada, Persian Gulf has quite a lot of recongizable landmarks and its terrain area should make for some interesting and potentially tense missions. It, the Hornet, the current array of modern aircraft, and hopefully additional types later on should offer up a very interesting array of scenarios.

Updated A-10C video

Glowing Amraam, prolific and now official video maker, has created a new video that Eagle Dynamics released this morning featuring the DCS: A-10C module. The DCS: A-10C is still widely regarded as one of the best high fidelity DCS World modules and the video shows off the A-10C in the new DCS World 2.5 graphics engine. We even get a few shots of what I think are DCS: Persian Gulf.



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