Deka Ironworks updates on JF-17, J-11, KJ-200

DCS third party contributor is busy building additional Chinese content for DCS including the flyable JF-17 module, J-11 and KJ-200 AI aircraft, and the possibility that more types of aircraft will become flyable in the future. This is a quick status update on the latest from Deka Ironworks.

JF-17 art and systems work

An old image showing some damage model debug features in progress.

The Deka Ironworks team is pushing forward with their DCS: JF-17 module as their art team continues to work on the module and their systems team is busy building the code necessary for the jet’s MFCD to work.

The JF-17, like the F/A-18 and AV-8B NA, has multi-function digital displays as you’d expect on a fourth gen jet fighter. Their most recent Facebook page update expands on this a little bit:

The MFCD of JF-17 can work as an entire screen, and can also display info into split screens [a square one plus a small rectangle one below]. Therefore, a good code structure design can greatly reduce the complexity and future workload of our ASM programmers.


Meanwhile, we’re told that their art team is working hard on both internal and external parts of the JF-17. Their goal is to match other third party efforts. To date, our views of the internal cockpit part of the JF-17 has shown a fairly primitive arrangement that was suitable for testing but not for marketing what will hopefully be an early access release sometime in the future.

The JF-17 should be a unique addition to the series.

J-11, KJ-200 and other assets

Deka Ironworks is also working on other assets which may see release in DCS World at some point in the future as well. Their team was successful in implementing a number of Chinese assets into DCS World 2.5 (part of their China Assets pack) and more are on the way.

The KJ-200 AWACS, using a ‘balance beam’ style radar arrangement, is currently under development by the team. The update also showed off a YJ-62 anti-ship missile work in progress.

Balance beam style radar array on the Chinese KJ-200.

Interestingly, the team has also apparently talked to Eagle Dynamics about adding a J-11A flyable to the series.

We’ve also discussed with ED about flyable J-11A. If we have any news, we would like to share with you. Like most players, we would like to see flyable J-11A to enrich the ‘Red’ force.

The J-11A is based on the Su-27SK and is apparently capable, with upgrades, of launching the Chinese PL-10 BVR missile. It’s unclear what they have planned in terms of adding the J-11A flyable but it would undoubtedly start with the Su-27 Flanker already present in DCS World as a base.

In the meantime, the team showed off several skins including some fictional USAF aggressor schemes for the J-11.

A new Deka Ironworks hypothetical skin for a flyable J-11A.

Would Eagle Dynamics allow an additional Flaming Cliffs 3 level aircraft into the sim or would this be a whole new module with DCS World 2.5 clickable cockpits? This seems like a long-shot to me but it may yet be possible.

Read the whole update from Deka Ironworks Facebook page.

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