Heatblur progress update on DCS:F-14

That other US Navy carrier-borne fighter is also getting some big updates these days as Heatblur reveals new video and images of their work-in-progress F-14 module. Its still not quite ready to shed the “Chromecat” visuals but its clear that the rest of the simulation effort is going well. This is the latest on the Tomcat!

Kick the tires, light the fires

Heatblur is working on a whole bunch of different systems including the AN/ARC-182 & AN/ARC-159 Radios which will have Simple Radio support. SR support will be a huge bonus for multiplayer fans.

New updates for the F-110 engine module, kneeboard, navigation and sound are all part of the update.

What I think are really exciting parts of this are the new videos that Heatblur released. First, a sound update showing off what the F-14 will sound like. It’s based on actual recordings from F-14 engines and it sounds good. Really good!

Next, we have a montage of some high speed flight at various altitudes from both inside and outside the cockpit.

Finally, we have one of the coolest videos the Heatblur team have showcased so far and that’s the valley run footage. Similar to what we saw with the F/A-18 module but lower, faster, and with some audio warnings from their new Jester AI RIO. Back seat driver!

We’re still waiting on a visual update for both the F-14’s exterior and its interior. The cockpit that you see in those videos is just a work in progress for what promises to be a beautiful finished cockpit if the work in progress images are any indication.

Read the whole update from Heatblur on the F-14 right here!


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  1. 1_Robert_ says:

    I’m dusting off the old Kenny Loggins tape.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I wrote this whole article with the Top Gun soundtrack going. Very nostalgic!


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