RAZBAM working on MiG-19, Falkland, AV-8B updates

In addition to gaining some behind the scenes access to actual fighter squadrons flying the Mirage 2000C for that module, RAZBAM is busy on a variety of other fronts and I thought I’d do a short summary.

MiG-19P now in-engine for the first time

RAZBAM has been busy showing off their latest work on the MiG-19P cockpit which is looking up to their latest standards for art quality. This is easily a step above the M2000C and at least equal with their efforts on the AV-8B.


The MiG-19P is expected to be a later version with limited air-to-air missile capability and a pair of 30mm cannons.

The external model remains untextured but has also appeared in screenshots for the first time. More screenshots on the Facebook page show them facing the MiG-19P off against the F-5E in what look like some pretty fun duels. No doubt this aircraft will be popular on the Cold War server.

Falkland islands terrain

RAZBAM has also been showing off some early work on a previously unannounced map for DCS – The Falkland islands.

So far, the team hasn’t shown off anything from the map but they have shown off some assets which they intend to ship alongside the map (and not in a separate asset pack). That includes the HMS Birmingham pictured below.


We’ve also seen images of the FV106 Samson – a British Army armored recovery vehicle.


With this announcement of new terrain, I’m not sure if it also means that RAZBAM has a content strategy that would open up the aircraft and vehicles used during the Falklands War.

The Sea Harrier would be a logical addition being the star of the Royal Navy’s combat air patrol. RAZBAM is already working on a Mirage IIICJ which is related to but differs from the Mirage IIIEA used by the Argentine Air Force. Argentina also had the IAI’s Dagger/Nesher but that was based on the Mirage 5.

Perhaps over time, some of these aircraft will make their way into DCS.

AV-8B Harrier updates


The AV-8B module by RAZBAM remains early in its Early Access period with considerable work still going on with the module.

RAZBAM issued the following update on April 30 talking about updates to the AV-8B’s weapon systems.

Today work started on the AV-8B Armament Control Panel. God willing we will have it ready fairly quick. The rework will include the AGM-65Es and revision of the CCRP, CCIP symbology.

This rework will also enable the following UFC functions:
WPN: Weapons Delivery Programing
TOO: Target Of Oportunity.
TMR: Timing functions.
INS Designation (designating a waypoint/markpoint as a target).

Regarding the APKWS II rockets, their inclusion depends on how complex is defining laser guided missiles. If too complex, then they won’t be included. Otherwise I will add them to the weapons suite.

There’s also currently a bug with the AV-8B’s AGM-65 which prevents the aircraft from firing the missile. RAZBAM has already fixed the bug but is waiting for the next DCS World 2.5 update before it can be given to players.

APKWS II are laser guided missiles based on the Hydra 70 series rockets. They are a cheaper way of implementing precision guided missiles and, if implemented, would be a unique weapon for the AV-8B at least for the immediate future.

Overall, the AV-8B has been praised, despite recent bugs, for being an excellent module with commenters both on this blog and elsewhere talking about how much fun the AV-8B module is. A VTOL strike fighter with plenty of high and low tech ordinance capabilities is certainly appealing and I can see the draw. Both this and the forthcoming F/A-18C Hornet will make an excellent collection of USMC aircraft with different but related abilities.

Check out RAZBAM’s Facebook page for the latest updates on these and other aircraft they are working on.


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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    That MiG-19 looks as promising as the Harrier! But also a map and a Mirage III, and the features that are yet to be implemented in the M2000, that’s a lot of things to do in parallel for a small team…


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