DCS: Persian Gulf Map now available! UPDATED

Getting word this morning that the DCS: Persian Gulf map has been released (as scheduled) and that players on the beta version of the DCS World 2.5 can now start downloading it!

Welcome to the Persian Gulf

If you’ve been not paying too much attention to this module until now, DCS: Persian Gulf is the release name and version of the previously talked about DCS: Strait of Hormuz map. The team decided that Persian Gulf had better name recognition and the team has also committed to extending the map to the west and north covering more of the Persian Gulf over time.

For now, however, we get several urban areas such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bandar Abbas as well as a half dozen to a dozen airbases, airstrips, international airports, and a variety of desert and open ocean terrain.

Want the full tour? Check out The Reapers Persian Gulf tour Parts 1 and part 2 to get a full sense of what the map is like in both the south and then more northern parts of the map.

Updated: Also now available is Eagle Dynamics official launch video which is a cinematic feast of all of the best parts of the map.

Beta versus stable releases

If you’re on the Stable release branch of DCS World you may be waiting another week or two for early access to this new map but if you’re running the Beta branch then you’ll have access starting today.

A similar scenario will no doubt play out for the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet release.

Even so, the long wait for this new map appears to be over and if you’re interested in jumping through a couple of hoops, you too can download it and start flying over this new terrain.

Need to know how to make the switch between beta and release? This short video should still be relevant (even if it was made during 1.5 days):

Looks like fun!

I do hope that Persian Gulf has a long life and gets picked up in a big way by multiplayer servers. We know ED has several campaign makers building scenarios for the map and for the new DCS: F/A-18C module that fits extremely well within the scenario.

Other third party makers have also said to be making campaigns for the map such as Heatblur’s F-14 module release which will include two campaigns – one on Persian Gulf.

Can’t wait to try out the new map! Screenshots and my initial reactions coming as soon as possible!


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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    I’m curious to see what people say about the performances on this map. I didn’t buy it, and I’ll probably stop buying DCS stuff for the time being, because of the terrible performance I get since the new graphics engine is there (and frankly, those trees are not good-looking), even after spending a good deal of time on tuning blindly the settings. It’s simply not fun, and the lack of any communication from ED isn’t helping.

    Perhaps once I buy a new PC, later, but I don’t think my current setup is bad or outdated, so I’m not even sure that would solve the problem. There’s plenty of fun in IL-2, so I’m fine with that 🙂

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    1. Mischiew Rithe says:

      It does look gorgeous though 😉

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    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      What kind of system are you dealing with? If I helps I can post some of my settings and see if it goes. My PC is medium high end but the graphics card is lagging behind (I really need a new one to get the most out of IL-2 and DCS) but I’ve got performance at a good level for single player. MP seems troublesome at the moment but that may just be me.

      When I post my reactions to the new map I will definitely comment RE: performance on my system.

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      1. Mischiew Rithe says:

        It’s an i7 4770 at 3.5 GHz and a 980 Ti. The CPU is quite old, and perhaps 6 GB of VRAM is not enough for DCS, not really sure. Even by tuning down the graphics I can’t remove the frequent freezes that must come from loading textures and/or world objects.
        The framerate itself is generally OK except in Normandy. And except if there are more than a few aircraft around, some campaigns like Epsom are really punishing for example.

        So when I see that beautiful map with high-density cities, I’m really wondering if this poor PC can take it 😉


  2. Francesco Kasta says:

    It does look pretty but I find it overpriced for what it offers. When and IF there will be a sale in which we are allowed to use our bonus funds to cover up to 50% of the price, I’ll get it. I still have to manage to use my bonus funds before they expire miserably actually.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      So far Eagle Dynamics seems to have locked in at around $49 USD for their terrain packs.

      To me, the price is high, but the fidelity is there too. They really have modeled places like Dubai in extreme detail. Its not quite civilian sim detail but close I think. That’s going to cost.

      IL-2 maps for example take a more hybrid approach getting the major details right, the major landmarks, but not sweating every buildings exact position.

      What price would it be worth for you? I’m curious what the sense is out there. I’m not sure if $49 is overpriced or about right compared to what we see with P3D and other civil sims out there.

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      1. Francesco Kasta says:

        To me it’s not worth that much to be honest but that’s only because I know that I will barely ever use it (like Nevada or Normandy which I own and never use).

        That being said I’ll still get it eventually, just to show my support to the devs. I too don’t want ED to “go under due to debts” believe me but neither I want them to inflate their prices just because they can throw anything at us with the “niche market” excuse. I am NOT saying they do, just that the risk is there.

        I usually purchase every module I am interested in right away and wait for a sale on everything else.

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    2. Mischiew Rithe says:

      Yeah, it’s not easy to use those bonus points when most of the new content has a reduced price on early access 🙂

      The map will probably take more perceived value once there are a few campaigns. Otherwise, objectively it’s not easy to compare the price to other sims, the quality it much higher than Orbx products, for instance, but cover a smaller area. And as Sharmrock said, IL-2 is a bit lower in fidelity, but they also come with a campaign and airplanes.

      In the end, it comes down to what we can do with them, of course it’s nice to explore a map, but after a while most want something else to do.

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  3. schurem says:

    I paid $39 for it (bought the promise) and don’t regret it one single iota. This is a niche hobby where the small numbers need to be compensated with a higher price. We don’t want ED to go under due to debts and such, do we? In fact, I want them to rake it in hand over hand so they can hire designers and programmers for the dynamic campaign they are planning. So buy it! Buy all of it!

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