IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte takes off with early access

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting a big patch or really anything from 1C Game Studios today. Then when I woke up this morning the word was that the forums and IL-2 website were in maintenance mode. A surefire sign that a patch would be coming. Here it is ladies and gentlemen – IL-2 version 3.003 and the beginning of IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte Early Access.

Spitfire IXe!


I’ve been looking forward to these two aircraft for months and suddenly they are both here. The Spitfire IXe and Bf109G-14 are the first two aircraft in the Bodenplatte line-up to be available to fly. If you’ve pre-ordered Bodeplatte, updating to version 3.003 will give you these two aircraft that are ready to fly right now!

There’s some fairly impressive features on these two aircraft as well. Let’s start with the Spitfire IXe.

This 1944 variant of the Spitfire IX has the pointed tail and the E-type wing armament with two 20mm Hispano Mark II cannons and two Browning M2 .50cal heavy machine guns. That’s not all either. The Spitfire IX was heavily used in 1944 and 1945 as a fighter-bomber and we have bomb as well as rocket armaments. Yeah!


You think I’m done but that’s not all. This version also comes with optional clipped wings, optional Mark II GGS gyroscopic gunsight, and both Merlin 66 and Merlin 70 variations making this both a LF.IXe and a HF.IXe. The Merlin 66 is for low and medium altitude operations while the Merlin 70 is tuned for high altitude.

The developers have released this video of the gunsight in action:

Look for a full review once I’ve had a chance to fully fly the new Spitfire and compare it against its closest competitor.



The Bf109G-14 has also been released today and its a very interesting aircraft. The G-14 is an attempt by Messerschmidt to reconcile all of the different G-6 versions that various factories were producing into a single standard aircraft. That effort only partially succeeded but it did create an aircraft that brought a lot of new features all together.

The ‘Erla’ glass canopy provides much improved view out the sides with a basically unobstructed view compared to the G-6 and earlier versions. It’s taller tail has stability benefits and its MW50 equipped DB605 engine can run at maximum power for a full 10-minutes. Nice!


Also available is the WGR-21 anti-bomber rocket which can be used to hurt formations of bombers with its high explosive warhead. This is a brand new weapon that I look forward to trying. Not as new to us but still fresh is the MK108 30mm cannon also available on the Bf109G-6 – that weapon and MG151/20 gunpods are available to the Bf109G-14 as well.

Far from being a copy and paste of the earlier Bf109G-6, the G-14 adds a variety of interesting features to the mix. I look forward to doing a full review.

Other updates

There’s a whole series of updates that have gone into this patch. Aside from the new aircraft, there are updates for Career mode to fix bugs, new squadrons are available to join as a pilot in the campaigns, and that pesky black screen issue with multiplayer has been solved.

Bug fixes and two new planes round out a fairly impressive update.

Players shouldn’t expect either of these aircraft to appear in the Kuban Career mode as they are far out of the time period that it covers but expect them to form the basis of many missions in a future Bodenplatte Career release later in the products development.

Check out the full update from the developers including a detailed description of how the new Gyro sight works from 1CGS’ new programmer.



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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Having all those variants of the Spitfire IX at the same time feels like a second Xmas! 😀

    With Bodenplatte we’re getting a few models that are identical to those in DCS, that will be an interesting comparison. In theory at least. The two sims feel so different that even with the same part of map and the same Spitfire, they look completely apart (which was to be expected).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I don’t have the DCS: Spitfire IX but I’d love someone to do a head to head comparison with them. It’d be interesting to see how the two sims handle things.

      IL-2s is subtly different with the pointed tail and E type wing but its so close.


      1. Mischiew Rithe says:

        Ah, I hadn’t seen this little detail, well spotted!

        Perhaps Youtuber Takolander will do such a comparison in his inimitable way 😉 I think he has already made a sort of comparison of a part of the Caucasus map. It’s bound to happen sooner or later, and serious comparison would be great to see.

        For example, one disputed difference is the way Bf 109 or Spitfires can turn while taxiing by applying the rudder in the downwash from the propeller. In DCS they are adamant about the rudder not having any significant effect at those speeds, while IL-2 makes it very easy to turn that way. I’ve not found (yet) any trustworthy pilot testimony which would back up one theory or the other.

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  2. 79vRAF says:

    Have to admit, having tried the Spitfire Mk IX now, that I am pleasantly surprised by the performance of it. I’ve not had a go with the new gunsight yet, but it looks a bit of a faff to get the sight set up while in the middle of a twisty turny fight. I think I prefer the standard one after so many years of using it; but it’s a nice addition to the model.

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  3. Capt. Zoomy says:

    Your not alone in your preference for the plain reflector sight. I’ve heard that most of the German aces of World War 2 preferred the basic reflector sight.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Interesting comments about the GGS Mk II. The RAF produced a studied report showing that pilots were likely to successfully score hits about 100 % more of the times that they did when using the standard reflector gunsight. It’s a new device so takes practice as does everything if you wish to do it well. You set it up in much the same way as the old one and you have the choice of reticle, gyro or fixed. It works very well in the sim.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 79vRAF says:

      It’s well done in DCS too, I just don’t hit anything with the gyro sight, I don’t mind having both sites showing to give an indication but I still rarely hit anything with that. I’m so used to the ring sight that I find I’m more effective with it.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      The way they programmed it to function is absolutely awesome in my mind. It’ll take some getting used to but I can see it being very useful!


  5. Straighten up and fly right. Trim, especially rudder, is your friend for a smooth approach onto target. WIth good controllers using the gyro sight is a real joy.


  6. PA_Spartan says:

    I was the one writing the 15(Span.)/JG27 history and its biography. Please, tell me if you find typos (I already found one ON DAY that should be ONE DAY). Thanks a lot. I love this bog! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Great stuff Spartan! I’m sure there’s plenty of folks who appreciate the added unit and history. I’m all for it!


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