Shiraz and Kerman airports added to Persian Gulf, new wing vapour effects

We have new information on two new airports being added to the Persian Gulf map as well as new wing vapour effects on the F/A-18C thanks to a pair of interesting Eagle Dynamics updates. Let’s have a look!

Shiraz and Kerman airports

Almost due north from Bandar Abbas, Kerman International Airport is one of two new locations being added to the DCS: Persian Gulf map. It has military ramps and facility located at the airport and according to Eagle Dynamics, is well suited to large scale single and multiplayer missions.

The same goes for Shiraz International which is located in the far north western corner of the DCS: Persian Gulf map.

Together, these two airbases extend the “usable” size of the map or the relative distance between airbases to equal that of the DCS: Caucasus map.

Hornet gets more vapour effects

The LERX vapour effects are already fairly convincing so Eagle Dynamics visual artists are moving on to the over-the-wing vapour effects that people have been wanting to see for a while. The Hornet may be the test-bed for this but Eagle Dynamics expects it to spread to all of their modules over time.

Over-the-wing vapours are not something that appear all the time happening primarily in high humidity environments. For that reason, Eagle Dynamics is also working on adding humidity as a function of the weather system for DCS. Humidity will directly play into the visuals of these effects plus the supersonic shock cone effect which they are also going to put together later on.

For this and the other update, visit the Eagle Dynamics Facebook page.


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