DCS: Spitfire LF.IX complete, new trailer

The weekly DCS World Weekend News this week focuses on the DCS: Spitfire LF.IX and with the announcement that the module is now content complete. The WWII Normandy map has also seen a big update and the developers very briefly touch on three future updates that will help the DCS: WWII scenario out. Let’s have a look!

Spitfire gets clipped wings, bombs, fuel tanks


Now considered content complete, the Spitfire LF.IX is a fully functioning DCS World module supporting the WWII content side of the series. The Spitfire LF.IXc is an early to mid-1944 aircraft featuring either fully elliptical wings or the clipped wings with a C-type armament configuration (two Hispano 20mm cannons and four Browning .303 machine guns).

The clipped wings are a new feature along with under-wing and under-fuselage bombs. A couple of different types of fuel tank are also now available for use extending the range of the Spitfire and enabling more expansive cross channel operations than before.

No final release of a DCS module would be complete without a trailer and this one comes from Alex “X-Stounds” Fyodorov who has produced what may be his best trailer yet. Also… check out the cows!

Other updates for DCS: WWII

There isn’t a lot of news right now outside of the Spitfire and the Normandy map getting some upgrades for DCS: WWII but there are a few things on the radar and they were all mentioned in this week’s update:

Another three elements currently in development, that will also improve the DCS World II experience is the new damage model, an improved sighting system, and improved dogfight AI!

I last talked about the upgrades to DCS’ damage model in an update from June 2017 where an example of a much more complex system was shown. The current system is just not enough when it comes to small calibre bullet strikes common in WWII dogfights.


We know very little about an improved sighting system or the improved dogfight AI but both sounds like great future additions. Looking forward to that.

Check out the full news here!


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