DCS damage model updates, other fixes

An update for DCS World 2.1 is out with some updated features and enhanced damage models as well as images of work in progress WWII assets.

The damage model increases in complexity

I’m actually pretty surprised that the damage modeling in DCS was at the level it has been. Although sufficient in the era of missile warfare where any proximity hit is likely to be potentially mission ending, adding World War II planes to the mix has required an increase in damage modeling beyond what was previously available.

The developers have announced in their weekly update that tracking has increased from 30 variables to several hundred variables.


In WWII sim battles where a single bullet can ruin your day, increased systems modeling and extreme details are a necessity.

More WWII assets appear

Eagle Dynamics have also shown off new images of the C-47, Ju88A-4, Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma, and Sd.Kfz.251.

The aircraft will not be flyable but they will help the WWII assets pack fill out to provide the kind of detail required to have a full Normandy campaign.

Work on the P-47 and Me262 continue in the background for now.

DCS World updates

With the release of the Normandy Alpha, DCS World 2.0 was updated to version 2.1 which also added all kinds of engine changes to the other map belonging in DCS World 2.0. The Nevada Test and Training Range got a visual upgrade thanks to this new version.

The upgrade hasn’t been entirely smooth with some players experiencing issues with the new deferred lighting system and the like.

Here is a list of some of the DCS World Changes:

  • CTD caused by dynamically spawning or respawning an aircraft fixed.
  • Nevada. Dark line near Laughlin removed.
  • Nevada. Graphical artifacts and z-fighting on Hoover Dam models fixed.
  • Normandy. “Bridge is under water” – fixed (maybe some issues still remain).
  • Normandy. Invisible obstacle for ground units in Cherbourg removed.
  • ME. Corrected Copy/pasting the leader of WW2 big formation sets.
  • Briefing. Briefing picture will scaled by mouse wheel into its window.
  • Atmosphere. Very low air temperature at high altitudes corrected.
  • Sun Glare effect will be presented in the cockpit mirrors.
  • Normandy. Kneeboard maps will be working in Normandy.

For everything else, check out the DCS Weekend Update!


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