New module priorities and dedicated server news for DCS

Excited players are always looking at future content. That’s just how things go as many people dream of flying their favourite aircraft. Some responses from Eagle Dynamics over recent days has helped fill in a sense of what priorities are for them for future module development. We also have some news on the dedicated server.

What is likely coming next?

We’ve been talking for a long time about what modules are coming next and I suspect that I won’t have a shortage of items to talk about in the future. Recently, Belsimtek and Eagle Dynamics joined forces to build the F/A-18C module for DCS. Even more recently, it was announced that Belsimtek will be rolled into the Eagle Dynamics team as official creator of future modules.

Some of those modules include the F-4E, F-16, AH-1S and Mi-24 “Hind.” So which of these is the priority once the team finishes with the Hornet? An update from Matt Wagner in response to this thread about the F-4E gives us a sense of what is next:

While the F-4E is still planned, we have other modules in higher priority like the Hornet, Yak-52, Mi-24, F-16, and AH-1. Focus on the F-4E will come once we clear several of these projects.

So, I would not expect any F-4E news for quite some time.

For some, that will breed excitement while for others it will be disappointment. The bottom line is that we’ll be seeing a bunch of other modules first before we see the F-4E Phantom appear.


The Yak-52 is already well underway and is part of a development for a professional contract. Once complete, Eagle Dynamics development team will probably turn to one or more of their other priority items. The Mi-24 has been talked about for some time now and may be next. The F-16C (rumored to be a fairly modern Block 50/52) has been talked about for even longer now. News about the F-16 predates the F/A-18C. This will also likely be a big seller so I can see it being high on the priority list.

The AH-1 is newer to the rumour mill and may be a bit further down the line. I am excited about this module, however, as it would add to the USMC line-up with combined AV-8B and AH-1 operations being an exciting prospect.

We really have no idea what the timeline is for these aircraft and just how the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics merged team will function in terms of being able to roll out new content.

Autumn launch for Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server for DCS World has been long been requested by the community (stretching back to 2013 or earlier) and it sounds like it may be finally happening. DCS World Weekend News had this to say about a Dedicated Server:

With the launch of 2.5 earlier this year, we have been working diligently on an item we’ve been wanting to bring to DCS World for quite a long time: a dedicated server. It however was not until the launch of DCS World 2.5 was this possible, and hence the length of time this has taken.

As a dedicated server, the software will not require any graphics rendering, so no dedicated graphics card will be required and there is no audio requirement. This all greatly reduced server load overhead.

There will be a new web GUI to control the server. Operation of the dedicated server through the web GUI will operate much as the existing online server does now, but allow you to make changes remotely.

We plan to release the dedicated server in Autumn 2018. Afterward, we will investigate adding additional features to expand its capability.

There are currently no other details and we don’t know if the Dedicated Server will offer options for Linux or if it will be Windows exclusive.

More details will surely surface in the coming weeks.


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  1. arkhamuk says:

    Nice to here the AH-1 is coming, and the F-16. Too many hours spent playing Gunship 200 and Falcon back in the day make these almost a necessity. After the longbow of course…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It seems that Eagle Dynamics plus the third party partners are preparing to build a collection of aircraft that are some big time fan favourites.

      The only thing missing from all of this is a high fidelity Russian jet which I understand is quite a difficult proposition.


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