IL-2 3.005 launches Tank Crew, Flying Circus, FW190A-8

It’s another big day for 1CGS and the IL-2: Great Battles Series as patch 3.005 releases bringing with it the FW190A-8 for IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte and two new entries into the series: Tank Crew and Flying Circus.

New A-8 packs a punch


The first of two FW190 releases for Bodenplatte is here with the FW190A-8, an aircraft that is an evolution of the earlier A-3 and A-5 variants already available in the series. The FW190A-8 comes with modifications that turns it into the F-8 fighter-bomber variant as well.

Here are some of the modifications listed by the developers:

  • 30-mm Mk 108 guns
  • additional armour
  • bomb holders capable of carrying up to three 250 kg bombs
  • heavy rockets 21cm WGr. 42
  • up to 12 anti-tank rockets R-HL Pblz. 1 “Panzerblitz”

With 30mm cannons the FW190A-8 can chew through enemy fighters, attack planes, and bombers with ease while additional armor and bomb carriage abilities belong to the F-8 variant. I love the flexibility that the A-8/F-8 combo offer for both multiplayer and single player and look forward to flying it and providing first impressions.

Flying Circus introduces the SPAD 13 and Fokker Dr.I

These two classics are the first two aircraft to receive the update treatment and their introduction into the Digital Warfare game engine. The Dr.I and SPAD 13 both feature improved visual details and geometry and 4K texture details.

I’ll be relying on other players initial reactions to these two aircraft over the short term as its been an expensive few months and I need to let the wallet rest a bit but I will definitely do my reactions to these aircraft as soon as possible.

Tank Crew introduces KV-1s and Tiger tanks

Armored warfare fans will hopefully be interested to check out the new Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka which goes into Early Access today. The KV-1s and Tiger I are both available for access along with the T-34 and Pz.III tanks that have been available for IL-2 owners for a couple of years.

Interestingly, the announcement today contained news that the two mobile AA vehicles originally included in the pack will be developed later and separately.

Due to development and gameplay considerations we have decided to create a separate AAA vehicles add-on featuring the GAZ-MM + 72K and Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38. We will prepare them as a separate product to be released later and work to make them a more interesting addition to IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles then initially planned.

We don’t know exactly what this means in terms of making them more interesting addition but it leads to all kinds of speculation. I do wonder if the 72K and Flak38 stationary artillery may also become options. For many years, players have suggested that they be able to select their airfield and spawn as a AAA battery to help defend the base when under attack. In multiplayer, this would be an interesting means of dealing with vulchers in a more organic way rather than banning the practice outright. Perhaps that is what 1CGS means by interesting?

Once again, I fully intend to provide details and in-depth analysis on Tank Crew over time but I won’t be able to commit to purchasing it just yet. Soon I hope! In the meantime, I will be curating players responses to the title and gathering the details here for you.

Start of something big

This is another key moment in the history of the IL-2 franchise and the future of what 1CGS has been working forwards over the last several months. IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte continues the direct development of the series taking us from the Eastern Front to the West and bringing with it a whole package of fan favourite aircraft for single and multiplayer battles.

Flying Circus Vol 1 is hopefully the first in a few volumes of releases aimed at bringing the content of Rise of Flight into the new generation of Digital Warfare engine. Vol 1, intentionally named no doubt, is a start and it immediately introduces Rise of Flight and WWI flight sim fans to 4K textures, enhanced 3D object detail, more advanced shadow and lighting systems and VR.

Tank Crew is perhaps most unique introducing a new dimension of gameplay for the series and hopefully drawing in fans of older titles like Panzer Elite as well as free to play titles like War Thunder and World of Tanks who may be looking for an updated and more in-depth, realism centric style of gameplay.

Exciting times ahead I hope!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Nil says:

    Indeed Shamerockonefive, a key moment in the history. I love the unique gameplay (which never ever seen before) of tanks + planes + AA guns on the same map. This will be very interesting in terms of multiplayer gameplay, the cooperation between ground units and aerial units.
    The AA vehicles is what I am waiting the most, and the word “interesting” coming from this team is yummy and predict a good surprise.
    I am so hyped and happy! the best is to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Agreed! I think this is going to be great for the series with the branching out into a few different areas. Exciting times!


    2. 79vRAF says:

      Not striclty true, DCS Combined Arms has allowed for it for quite some time, and with the WW2 Assets Pack now being supported I believe they’re roughly on a par – with the exception that DCS CA didn’t support VR.


  2. gflinch says:

    I completely understand the dev costs and small market we have, but I wish the cost was a little lower. Its partially a mental thing but $50-60 price point would have been better for all of these games. Just had to say it somewhere. I wish them the best success as always, the cost is just pushing off from purchasing these lately.


  3. Trevor Levy says:

    Simple question – Does TC – CaP support VR?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      And the simple answer is: YES 🙂

      The advantage for Tank Crew is that its all integrated into IL-2’s Digital Warfare Engine so VR support is baked into the experience thanks to the hard work of 1CGS to make it possible last year.

      There are some limits. You can’t pull on any levers or knobs from within VR, you have to use a keyboard, mouse, joystick, or HOTAS to manage things.

      I’m actively looking for someone’s comments on Tank Crew + VR. If you do jump into that, send me a note on here about how it’s working for you.


      1. Trevor Levy says:

        Brilliant – thank you so much for your prompt response Shamrockonefive.
        Ok – here’s a further question and please excuse me if I seem to be asking for the heavens and earth…
        will this work with the next level v3 motion platform?
        You see I have IL Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad which is VR but not motion platform and also own Cliffs of Dover which is v3 motion platform but not VR! (I understand CoD will support VR at the next update?)
        Does Tank Crew run both? 🙂


      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I’ve never heard of V3 Motion Platform but it looks like some sophisticated stuff.

        Cliffs of Dover doesn’t have the same engine so support between it and the IL-2: Great Battles Series is not possible. That said, I’m guessing if the 1CGS devs want to, they can build support in for this as well.

        I don’t think it has support for it right now anyways. Things can always change.


      3. Trevor Levy says:

        Thanks once again S15.I will report back on the VR benefit of Tank Crew1

        Liked by 1 person

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