IL-2’s revoked keys are being reactivated

It’s been a up and down kind of week for the IL-2 community and for 1C Game Studios with a clean-up of what should have been unused keys turning into a turbulent issue surrounding grey market game sellers. I’ve seen some pretty nasty (and in my opinion inaccurate) comments from a few individuals and a good amount of understanding from others both affected by and unaffected by the recent issues. Now we have news that 1CGS is intending to resolve the issue.

Keys to be reissued

Jason Williams, IL-2’s Lead Producer, took to the forum again today with news that keys that were deactivated will be reactivated. Here’s a key part of the statement:

Therefore, we have decided to send new keys for the deactivated content to everyone affected, so you can get flying again. But please note that this will be the LAST and ONLY time we ever restore deactivated keys from so called grey/black market websites. To ensure we have a proper direct relationship with our customers and can help if there are problems with your key or user account you must buy from Steam direct, the official IL-2 webstore or other officially licensed re-sellers of which there are very few.

I still advise players to buy from official sources only and avoid heartbreak and disappointment. When in doubt, both Steam and the official IL-2 website are good places to buy from. Supposedly there are other places out there but I don’t have a definitive list.

Find out more about this from the official statement.



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  1. Mughug says:

    It is the 31st today and it seems that many people have not had their keys restored. They are also struggling with IC support, which has been posted on the Steam forum. Various related threads on the Steam IL-2 forums have been moved, making it harder for customers who had their IL-2 BOPS key revoked, to post. This has the effect of silencing or quieting the posts of those affected.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I haven’t heard about any of this so far.

      Do we know where threads are being moved to and to what end?

      We do know that 1CGS has a single support person so it may take some time for that person to get to every request. It’s certainly frustrating for the end users but I feel for the support guy too (I was the solitary support person at an organization once).

      This whole thing has been pretty rough on all involved.


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