Sightseeing in the new areas of DCS: Persian Gulf

Eagle Dynamics has updated and expanded the DCS: Persian Gulf map to include more areas in the northern section of the map and notably adding two airbases/airports to operate from. Shiraz and Kerman airports are now open and they offer significant bases to fly from. I took up a thematically appropriate MiG-29 to explore and go sightseeing and this is what I saw.

Kerman and west


Starting cold on the ramp, Kerman airbase is extremely well detailed and Eagle Dynamics definitely did not phone this in. There are unique structures (as near as I can tell) and plenty of extra detail in and around the base.

I have to really appreciate both DCS World’s 2.5 graphics and the scenic vistas that are offered when you fly from this base. The nearby mountain ranges dominate the view and I love it!


Those mountains only look a little smaller once in the air but the view improves dramatically and its a beautiful area to explore.


Kerman-city proper is fairly extensively built up and reasonably well detailed. It doesn’t have the landmarks that are so easily recognizable in the southern section of the map around Dubai, but its still reasonably impressively detailed here. Once again, those mountains dominate the skyline.

Getting into those mountain ranges to the south expose some slightly lesser detailing than I’ve seen in other areas of the map – or at least that’s how it looks on my PC. Still, the hills, valleys, mountains are all fairly impressive up close and reasonably good from far away.


Another interesting feature is the red detailing of the rocks in some areas. Taking on a similar appearance as Mars in this area, the rocks and surrounding areas take on a reddish hue. I wasn’t surprised when I used Google Earth to view and see similar colourations from real satellite imagery and Eagle Dynamics does not disappoint here either.

Far from being an endless uninteresting desert, there’s definitely plenty of variation to the map.


To the south west is a major transportation hub and urban area of Sirjan. This urban centre is located on a flat plane and it sticks out on my map to me as being away from many geographical features. I had to do an overflight. Detailing here is average but it certainly is an urban area.


Over the city of Sirjan I did a few low altitude flypasts. It’s an interesting area. It doesn’t perfectly mimic the real satellite views in terms of buildings but the shape is definitely right.


Moving on, I then headed north west towards Shiraz. Before getting there, however, I overflew an area that is apparently named Bakhtegan National Park. It doesn’t look like too much in DCS but the lake surrounding it certainly stands out from the nearby desert sands.


That is the impressive part for me just how much water is out in these areas even when otherwise dominated by desert.


Finally, less than 100 kilometers to go and coming into view of Shiraz. There is a lake on the eastern end of the city which makes it easy to spot from the air. Shiraz is another urban center flanked by mountains on nearly all sides but in the wide open area in between lies a major urban center and a major airport.


Flying nose up and around the urban center of Shiraz helps showcase that urban area. Well detailed and with plenty of buildings including some industrial and residential type centres, this airport is once again fairly large and able to sustain quite a few aircraft.


Now low on fuel, I made a quick landing and put my MiG-29 on the taxiway. Another opportunity to look around and again appreciate the dominating mountain range behind me (and in front).


Once parked and looking in the other direction you can once again appreciate the mountains from the other direction. Flying from both Shiraz and Kerman airports was a great experience in DCS: Persian Gulf with nicely detailed airports themselves, trees and shurbs lining the outside areas, beautifully detailed urban areas nearby and both highly scenic with mountainous outcrops behind.


DCS World functions as a combat flight simulator but all three maps I have experience with in the series (Caucasus, Nevada and Persian Gulf) have beautiful detailing at least partially worthy of a civil aviation sim. Flying a sightseeing mission was well worth it.

I’m going to return with a part two of this later featuring the area around Shiraz but flown from the seat of the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. Stay tuned for that!



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