IL-2’s Jason Williams does a Q&A at FlightSimExpo, Reddit AMA to come

FlightSimExpo is now firmly receding into the distance but there’s still new content coming out from that show thanks to their video interview series which, in the latest iteration, has focused on IL-2’s Lead Producer, Jason Williams. There’s also an upcoming AMA on the IL-2 Reddit which many of you might be interested in.

Overview interview at FlightSimExpo

Jason was at FlightSim Expo in June to show off IL-2: Great Battles Series to attendees of the conference and while there, did the following interview. It’s a basic overview of the series but its also short and it’s great to hear Jason talk passionately about the series.

Reddit AMA is coming

The ‘Ask Me Anything’ format is one of the many things that Reddit is famous for and the r/il2sturmovik Reddit is going to be the site of a Jason Williams answered AMA. Questions are currently being collected and Jason will answer them as soon as he can. It’s not a live AMA but the next best thing.

There are some ground rules so I suggest checking out the thread here and then asking your question (if it meets the criteria).


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