Unnoticed new content in IL-2’s 3.005 patch: Missions!

Earlier versions of IL-2 shipped with their own small collection of single missions that were really nice, hand scripted, single player experiences. IL-2: Battle of Kuban didn’t launch with any but it seemed to be ok given how big of a deal things like the Career mode and the excellent Sea Dragons scripted campaign were. Now, we have some and the release of these in the recent patch 3.005 almost went unnoticed.

A mission for every plane

A damaged Bf109G-6 tries to pursue a IL-2 with my La-5FN rolling in to intervene.

Its not a deep collection of missions but they are individually good missions (so far) that show off each of the aircraft in the IL-2: Battle of Kuban pack.

This isn’t restricted to just Battle of Kuban either. If you own previous editions of the series and haven’t ventured into the Missions area before, you should too. There’s one mission for every aircraft of the series.

Plenty of single player missions here

I’ve only played a few of the new ones electing to fly the La-5FN and the Hs129 missions so far and both were excellent missions. Fun, great visuals, good ground detailing, and some pretty decent dogfights with the La-5FN mission.

There’s also some great tank busting with the Hs129B-2 mission featuring a clash between tanks and artillery with the German position in danger of being overrun unless you can help even the odds.

Well that shot bounced right off but I’ll be back around to try again.

Next time you load up IL-2, definitely head into the Missions screen and check out some of these new missions!

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  1. Nil says:

    I saw theses missions as well, it is a very nice surprise! Love 1C team, they always give us more than they announce.

    Liked by 1 person

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