VirPil’s MongoosT-50 throttle gets Ralfi’s Alley review

New flight sim hardware is often few and far between but VirPil has been making a solid effort at being a top tier provider of joysticks, desk mounts, grips and bases and now their MongoosT-50 Throttle is ready for the limelight and YouTuber Ralfi has done an great in-depth review on this new piece of hardware.

Head to head with the Warthog

The king of the HOTAS/throttle systems right now is the Thrustmaster Warthog which has been around for years now and seems to be the preferred kit of many. VirPil’s new throttle is definitely a direct challenger with similar features, size, options and price (it’s actually more expensive).

Ralfi takes the new throttle and puts it through its paces giving us the best look at this new piece of hardware and giving us a good idea on just how Ralfi is using it for some of his sim flying.

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  1. Aaron C White says:

    Well…guess I gotta rob a bank now.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah it’s not a cheap piece of hardware but it looks like a really GOOD piece of hardware.

      I’m hoping to see VKB bring their TECS throttle out and then see how the two compare up. I really do want to replace my X-52 HOTAS with something that has more buttons. I hope to weight my options at some future point.


      1. Aaron C White says:

        New hardware has been on my list forever…sadly behind a new computer to justify it…and TrackIR.

        For now my mouse view, ancient PC, and 10+ year old X-45 are going to have to keep chugging along. I really picked two expensive hobbies (hockey and flight sims).

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