DCS: Yak-52 reviews, videos and new info

Eagle Dynamics new DCS: Yak-52 module is out and players have been generating videos and reactions to this new module and I thought it was a great opportunity to share some of what’s been going on with that module. We also have some news from Eagle Dynamics on some updates and fixes to the aircraft.

Videos and reviews

There’s plenty of YouTube videos coming out about this module but I wanted to bring up some of the best or most interesting ones for you guys to have a look at. First, John Knolla on YouTube is a real life Yak owner and pilot, giving a good overview of the aircraft and procedures.

John’s comments on the Yak suggest that it’s very well modeled but not without some inaccuracies and no doubt some future improvements for Eagle Dynamics.

Jabbers on YouTube reviews the DCS: Yak-52 module covering everything from the sounds to the visuals. The whole piece covering just the sound at the first part is actually great to hear… Turn up your headphones or speakers for the best parts.

Diesel7.3 doesn’t do so much of a review as it is an examination of the aerobatics in a music video style cinematic showing what the Yak-52 can do when pushed to the limits of its flight model. Diesel makes it look easy!

Next up, we have Crash Laobi with his prickly and off-colour sense of humour. NSFW, you were warned. Some of you will appreciate and some of you may want to give a skip but for some it’s a great overview of the type and covers some details that the other videos don’t.

Finally, I’ll end it with this short fun video from MagzTV landing the Yak-52 on a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. Because why not?

Improvements are coming

Discussions here in the Stormbirds comments section as well as around the community have focused on some issues with the Yak-52 module and Eagle Dynamics has responded during the DCS World Weekend News update this week with a list of changes coming soon:

  • Addition of damage modelling
  • Realistic oil temperature behavior during different flight modes
  • Add unique Yak-52 starter sound
  • Faster engine turn over at start up
  • Corrected rudder input levels while airborne
  • Pitch behavior with lowering of flaps
  • Many other bugs and improvements

The damage modeling will be surely appreciated as will many other smaller details and fixes.

Overall, Yak-52 sounds like a fun module that will appeal to some and others will give it a pass. If general aviation with the flight model detail of DCS World appeals to you, then this aircraft will work brilliantly, so too if you’re a fan of aerobatics and the like. If you’re a straight up combat sim player, the Yak-52 may hold a lot less appeal.


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  1. Nil says:

    Thank you for that article .
    I am not on DCS at all, but I really appreciate to see non combat airplanes on this simulator. How come it is possible? It is so great I Believe. We need that, but I can not explain why somehow. ShamrockOneFive, I am sure you know what I am talking about. Again , thank you.

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