New DCS: F/A-18C update details EW, AIM-120, and AIM-9X features

Matt Wagner from Eagle Dynamics has released a new video showcasing some new features for the DCS: F/A-18C module including some new features for the electronic warfare system as well as additional features for the AIM-120 and AIM-9X missiles.

Expanded capabilities


The Hornet continues to gain features through its early access period and these next few features definitely add to the air-to-air capabilities of the F/A-18C which will surely change the dynamic in online battles as well as open up new single player opportunities too.

The AIM-7 gets the FLOOD mode which can be used for closer range encounters. The target just needs to be placed within the targeting circle and you can fire the AIM-7 without a lock. Useful in a tense situation where you don’t have time to sort out a lock but where the aircraft ahead is being painted by the radar.

The AIM-120 is already available to DCS World 2.5 beta users, however, it doesn’t have all of its features. Now it will be gaining some information on the HUD including some important information on when the missile can go ‘Pitbull’ (that is when the active radar seeker is in range and illuminating on its own). You’ll soon also be able to fire the AIM-120 in “Mad Dog” mode without a lock and where the missiles will hunt on their own. This is dangerous unless you know that every aircraft in-front of you is not a friendly.

Finally, we got our first look at the AIM-9X. Slightly improved range, incredible off boresight capabilities (which we didn’t really see). It also has a digital seeker and a digital tone rather than the growling warble of the AIM-9L which definitely makes it a different experience in use. The JHCMS helmet will be a future addition.

The EW area will be receiving some updates with EW information now available on the HUD along with some updated symbology for friendly and enemy IFF aircraft. There are also new sounds coming.

Check out the video below for the full experience.

More on the future

In a r/Hoggit update, Eagle Dynamics community manager posted some more information on future updates for the Hornet.

Everything from the AMCI pod for training exercises to corrected Target Aspect info are planned. Near term air-to-ground updates including the Paveway II series of munitions as well as the HARM missile – probably one of the highest anticipated weapon systems in the F/A-18Cs arsenal. The addition of the HARM will likely factor in a big way during organized multiplayer scenarios where a SEAD/DEAD capability is needed. Until now, only the Su-25T has had anywhere close to this.

Check out the full list here.

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