Checking out new buildings, dev details for IL-2 and Tank Crew

1CGS may have slowed down a bit over the summer but the sheer number of tantalizing details in their recent update definitely has me interested what they have planned. Let’s talk about the latest updates plus some of the details they dropped in today’s dev diary.

New buildings, M4 Sherman for Tank Crew

We’ve seen the work in progress shots before but we can now see some of the new higher detail buildings for the forthcoming Tank Crew map. From what we know about the map, some buildings on the map will sport much higher details in the high traffic areas where tanks are typically going to be found. The ones we see in the latest screenshots are extremely good.

The combination of flight sim and tank battle sim poses some interesting challenges in terms of scale and details at different levels from driving a tank at slow speeds along the ground and flying high above at several thousand meters above. It looks like 1CGS should be able to handle this just fine with the new map.

We get a first look at the M4A2 Sherman tank. Easily one of the most iconic tanks of the war and the primary tank used by the US Army, the Sherman also saw service with the Red Army.

What they are working on

We learned some interesting new info in this developer update:

  • Code being developed to model turbosuperchargers
  • Air compressability and near mach flight modeling
  • The team is upgrading aircraft graphical effects
  • Minor improvements to netcode
  • Pfalz D.IIIa and Sopwith Camel are currently being developed for Flying Circus
  • WWI pilot animations started
  • M4A2 Sherman and Pz.IV Ausf.G are in development
  • AI development for player controlled tanks underway
  • Tank systems and damage modeling underway
  • Tank commander and tank radio in development

There’s a lot going on. We now know the team is busy at work on the modeling for turbosuperchargers that the P-47D (and P-38) use. This will likely need to be complete before the P-47 is released to us so its chances of appearing in August seem a bit slim. Still, an accurate model of one of the P-47s key engine technologies will be important to get right.

A lot of the updates are self explanatory but I am interested to know more about the AI development for player controlled tanks which presumably has to do with what the other crew in the tank are doing while you’re not occupying their position.

Visual updates for aircraft sound interesting but we have no idea what that means. We’ll have to wait and see.

For the full dev diary update, check it out here.

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  1. Francesco Kasta says:

    I love the Sherman, my favorite variant is the M4A1 with its sleek looking cast hull and the mean sound generated by the R-975 radial engine.

    The M4A2 with its GM 6046 sounds rather dull in comparison and looks more boxy with its welded hull but at least it has got slightly better armor. That’s what was lent to the USSR after all.

    I am very excited about the P-47 too.

    Liked by 1 person

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