We know a bit more about IL-2s upgraded visual effects

The developer diary that came from 1CGS yesterday on the IL-2: Great Battles series projects including the Battle of Bodenplatte, Tank Crew and Flying Circus mentioned some visual effect updates and now we have a bit more of an idea of what they are.

A work in progress list

IL-2’s lead producer updated us on some of the visual effect details with a list of what they are working on. There was strong caution about their work in progress nature so keep your expectations set to ‘whlemed. Here’s the update:

About the graphical effects mentioned. These are WIP and not tested in beta yet, but this is the current list. Don’t hold us to this cause I don’t now what will make the final cut.

1. Smoky tracks from tracers, like MG and AC, have been changed. Now the tracks are synchronized with the speed of the tracers, + they become more realistic in character with a new texture
2. The texture of the flashes is slightly changed for hits and explosions.
3. Improved the effect of the flame
4. The fuel leak effect was changed, it became less noticeable, more realistic
5. Changed the effect of smoke from a damaged engine
6. Changed the effect from the wing tips, tried to achieve a wavy, more believable character.
7. Added the effect of hitting bullets on a wooden plane
8. Improved visualization of light tracers of aircraft

These all sounds pretty good. I am interested to see what they do with effects that deal with wooden aircraft – IL-2 already has multiple types that have partial wooden construction so this will be interesting to see.

Although these all sound like small details in the visual effects department, they are also some of the more frequent effects that we see so upgrades here will have a long lasting reach.

We don’t know when these will appear but it sounds like testing on them is at least about to begin.


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