AJS-37 update includes new afterburner, PBR texture updates

There hasn’t been much news on the AJS-37 Viggen by HeatBlur recently but that changed today with a fairly significant update from HeatBlur showing off the latest details on the AJS-37 and some really amazing looking new afterburner effects.

Afterburner and texture updates

One of the key visual updates is the afterburner effect. It had a few issues before visually and HeatBlur has tackled those and created what looks like one of the most impressive afterburner effects I’ve seen in DCS World to-date. We’ll see how well their work in progress shots translate into the finished product.

The other big update is the PBR (physically based rendering) textures which are getting an update. HeatBlur apparently discovered that their texture requirements on the Viggen were lower than anticipated and that they could update the normal mapping to add detail.

Normal mapping is a texturing trick that helps make things like rivets and small imperfections in surfaces look 3D while remaining firmly a 2D texture. It’s an impressive effect used all across DCS World (and other titles too).

The effect is impressive and apparently not limited to the exterior. Overhauled PBR textures for the Viggen’s cockpit are apparently also underway. The Viggen already had a nice looking cockpit so this is a welcome update.

New and updated features

HeatBlur has also been busy updating various features such as their generated data cartridge which includes various fixes (including the ability to exclude infantry units from the plan). Generated data cartridges can now use data gathered during an ELINT recon flight too.

The Ram Air Turbine is now getting a visual implementation. I don’t know much about this system but apparently it can help keep systems running on the jet in a pinch (system failure?).

HeatBlur also reports that they will be backporting several “exciting features” that they have built for the F-14 to the Viggen when that module releases.

HeatBlur seems well on their way towards their stated goal of having the AJS-37 Viggen final release ready by the end of the year.

Read the whole update right here on the DCS World forums.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. gflinch says:

    I wonder if the new wing condensation effects from F18 will come with this update or at lease have the plane humidity-ready (my new term)


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hope so too! The Viggen seems most at home in bad weather anyways so more vapour effects would be most appreciated here.


  2. Francesco Kasta says:

    This is the best module I’ll probably never get.

    Liked by 1 person

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