A free weekend with the Su-33

It’s already half over but I saw a small announcement from Eagle Dynamics announcing that they are taking advantage of a new Steam Store option and offering the Su-33 “DLC” free for the weekend. After the weekend is over the plane goes back to its typical cost.

How long do I have?


From now the jet should be available for DCS Steam owners for about 24 more hours or so. It gives players a chance at trying out the aircraft if they don’t own it which is nice although I think the utility may be limited if your new to DCS and are just learning – this will let you scratch the surface at the very least.

Here’s the full statement:

Dear all,

With our partners at Steam, we are testing a free weekend for a DLC product. This is something that Steam has not done before, and we are unsure if this will work. So, we are running this little test until Sunday, Sept 23rd.

If you have DCS World Steam Edition Release version installed but NOT Flaming Cliffs 3 or Su-33 for DCS World, please try to play for free and let us know your results.

Find out more here.

If you want a little taste of what the Su-33 is all about… check out this trailer produced about a year ago by Eagle Dynamics for the Su-33 when it became its own separate module (separate from Flaming Cliffs 3).


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