Su-33, F/A-18C and Persian Gulf are free this weekend

Last weekend’s free for the weekend Su-33 test must have worked because Eagle Dynamics is queuing up a much more impressive slate of content for this weekend with the Su-33, F/A-18C and Persian Gulf map all available for free including their single player campaigns and missions as well as multiplayer.

No joke, try these out free

An F/A-18C flying near Dubai on the DCS: Persian Gulf map

DCS World is already a free product as you can get the basic DCS World package plus the Su-25T and the TF-51D absolutely free from Eagle Dynamics. This is meant to get players in the door and trying out the sim before they buy any of the other modules. DCS World modules do tend to be pricey and that no doubt stifles some from buying without really knowing if their money is well spent.

Enter the free weekend where Eagle Dynamics is trying a new strategy to try and bring more players into the fold by offering content free for a limited time.

Once the weekend is over, the content will be gone unless you purchase it in the DCS eStore.

Check out the promo trailer below and don’t forget that all three are soon to be offered in a bundle package starting October 1st so if these three get you more interested to purchase them, wait for that sale.


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