RAZBAM is killing some AV-8B bugs, M-2000C update too

As much as I love the AV-8B, it’s also a bit of a buggy module with some pressing bugs that need to be resolved, and so RAZBAM is now back to squashing some of those pesky bug issues. Meanwhile, we’re seeing a little bit of movement on the Mirage as well. Let’s have a look!

Squish, some problems solved


The AV-8B has had more than one problem with its RWR system and that has included issues with sounds not working, with the RWR just not doing what it’s supposed to, and so on and so forth. Now, we’ve got some details that they have squashed some pressing bugs.

Here they are straight from RAZBAM:

  1. RWR Volume control is enabled.
  2. RWR contact status update has been fixed. Now the new threat sound will be heard when: a new threat is detected or when a known threat changes status from non-lethal to lethal or from lethal to critical.
  3. RWR SAM Lock sound bug.
  4. Color video showing on Monochrome Green display.

It’s not a big update, but its an update to be sure and these bugs have a serious impact on the quality of life for pilots flying this module in a high threat environment.

M-2000C gets new HUD brightness control


A control that wasn’t working before now works on the M-2000C which is definitely good to see on a module that hasn’t really seen much action recently. Although the M-2000C is in much better shape than the AV-8B, it still has some pressing issues and is not yet out of ‘Early Access’ status.

Is this a sign of things to come and that RAZBAM’s new and closer relationship with the Armée de l’Air is starting to bear fruit. It seems like a stretch perhaps but I’m hoping it’s just the start of bringing the M-2000C closer to completion.

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