September DCS and IL-2 YouTube roundup

So much great video content is out there for both DCS and the IL-2 series and I wanted to draw attention to some of the best examples of both gameplay and cinematic video clips for your viewing enjoyment. Check these videos out!

From the intense cinematic to the fun gameplay

Let’s start with the intense. Nordic Fire 1986 by unipus is an impressive cinematic with powerful sounds and visuals showcasing a AJS-37 Viggen strike against a vehicle convoy. The scene is set by the moody music and weather that suits the Viggen so perfectly.

Magic Sword by Max Pettersson is another extremely tight cinematic experience with everything from high altitude missile fights to low level helicopter operations. This is a short but sweet video.

Wanganui Wildcat shows off his Tactical Air War skills in the FW190A-3 and A-5 in a series of intense recording of kills on this particularly challenging server. Although Wildcat doesn’t think these kills are that special, the editing certainly shows off the intense nature of IL-2’s multiplayer air war. Carl Orff’s ‘O Fortuna’ as the background music choice helps with the drama!

No less cinematic, Spiff‘s Viva shows off some impressive IL-2: Battle of Kuban Spitfire Vb flying in the mountains over the Kuban in Portuguese Air Force livery. The music definitely gives this video a more quirky and fun tone than some of the previous videos (by comparison).

It’s hard to do a video roundup without Keller Dominik‘s cinematic video skills showing off some intense DCS World flying – this time featuring the Spitfire and Bf109 (and a train)! Watch Train Hunt and enjoy some great flying and some great cinematic moments.

Next we have B3 Production World in my Eyes video showcasing the F/A-18C in DCS World with a video that looks more like a music video than anything else. The visuals are impressive and the editing is really tight.

This next one is fun and it features DCS World but not in a way that most people will experience it. There’s a Yak-52, a Mi-8, and a bunch of flying around with some easy listening ‘Flying Through the Air’ by Oliver Onions. I thought it may be a boring video but I watched ever second of it thanks, once again, to the talents of Keller Dominik.

Let’s finish with ilikevideogames I think I voided the warranty which is fun, light and features the A-20B getting into a pretty intense dogfight against a Bf109. Yeah!

Send me your favourites

These are just some of my favourite videos that I’ve seen with DCS and IL-2 recently but I’d love to hear from commenters out there – is there a flight sim related video that you think is particularly impressive? Let me know in the comments!

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