New video shows DCS: F/A-18C’s JHMCS tests

JHMCS or Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System is a helmet mounted display that, according to Wikipedia, is now mounted on the F/A-18, F-15C/D/E, and F-16C Block 40/50 (and probably on the F-22). For DCS: F/A-18C, this helmet system has so far been inoperative but that is about to change as Eagle Dynamics conducts their first tests of the system in the Hornet module.

A video of JHMCS test and symbols

Posted today on Matt Wagner’s YouTube account, we have a first look at JHMCS in operation showing off the test mode, and some of the basic functionality and symbology. There’s no combat or showing off of the JHMCS weapons deployment capabilities (of which the AIM-9X will benefit greatly) but it is a start and nice to see. It’s also interesting to see how it can be customized.

There’s also a short statement:

This week we passed a key milestone with the completion of basic symbology, display blanking (most of the HMD is not displayed when looking at the HUD), and some of the related DDI pages. Our next big task for the JHMCS will be AIM-9X integration. Our intent is to bring the JHMCS to you later this month.

So it’s possible that we’ll see early use of this feature with the F/A-18C along with the AIM-9X by the end of October. These two systems will transform the Hornet’s close in dogfight capabilities.

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