Tactical Air War video tutorial for IL-2’s competitive multiplayer

Tactical Air War is one of the IL-2: Great Battle’s most popular multiplayer server featuring regular campaigns stretching through a good portion of World War II as depicted by the series so far. To help get you started, regular IL-2 YouTuber DerSheriff has put together a video tutorial to get you started.

One of the most competitive servers in IL-2

If Dedicated Normal and Berloga satisfy the quick battle scenarios for some, Tactical Air War is on the other side of the spectrum offering an in-depth multiplayer setup featuring regularly scheduled campaigns with progressive scenarios that track things like available aircraft and equipment.

The server also attracts some of the best and most competitive players in the IL-2 multiplayer world. It may be imposing to newbies in this way but if you’re looking for a good challenge and a great way to get into the best of IL-2’s multiplayer teamplay… this is definitely the place.

The stakes are high and your virtual pilot’s life matters quite a bit in a server like this. There’s also no navigational aids so you need to learn how to navigate your WWII aircraft effectively.

DerSheriff’s videos are great examples of IL-2 flying so I encourage you to check out his tutorial…

…and then watch some great gameplay!


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