RAZBAM announces programmer for AV-8B, M-2000C update

Responding to a comment about difficulties of development for the AV-8B, RAZBAM employee and forum poster Decoy revealed that RAZBAM has hired another programmer and that their primary job will be to squash bugs on the AV-8B. This is great news!

The bug hunter


Although you can have a lot of fun with the AV-8B right now, it does have quite a few bugs that still need squashing before this module can move out from early access into a state that we could call released. In an effort to address criticism and to push the project forward, RAZBAM has hired a programmer who will be focused on the AV-8B. Writing in a post on the DCS World forums, Decoy reported the details:

Also Razbam now have a extra pair of coding hands. This new addition will solely be looking at the bug list for the Harrier.

Great news. It remains unclear how long this programmer has been with RAZBAM or if they have just started but hopefully this portents a move towards finishing up the AV-8B.

It’s not a Mirage


Decoy, in the same thread, also revealed that the Mirage will be getting a revamp after they are done with the AV-8B, saying:

The mirage is going to have a major revamp with a few missing features looked at.

This will be done after the Harrier.

The RAZBAM team has spent some time with the Armée de l’Air gathering data and information to help make the M-2000C into a more accurate representation of the real jet. Brigadier General Jean-Luc Moritz, Commander of the French Air Force fighter command was also shown in a photo checking out RAZBAM’s M-2000C. No word on what he thought of it but it’s great to see closer collaborations here as it will hopefully lead to a better module as time goes on.

There is a great deal of sensitivity with a jet that is still in active use with Armée de l’Air, this level of access will no doubt help improve the Mirage in some big ways.


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  1. Eviscerador says:

    The Mirage is old and they are not going to export it anymore, they have the Rafale for that.

    The hornet is still in use in several countries and even then we are supposed to have a top of the line study sim anyway.

    It is great to know that they are updating the harrier. We just need the tgp / nav system integration with markpoints and the remaining mfdc screens.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      This is definitely an interesting subject. From what I’ve read and heard about this, the Armée de l’Air and Dassault are typically tight lipped about their aircraft. Boeing and the US Armed Forces are certainly cagey too but slightly more open so a 10-15 year old Hornet block is somewhat more straight forward.

      Matt Wagner talked about this subject in a Q&A recently too.


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