Excitement and anxiousness for the next IL-2 patch

One of my favourite past times covering combat flight sims like IL-2 and DCS World is looking towards future potential for those series. Both have made remarkable progress and 2018 has been a great year for both series as they have thrown off some old shackles and developed some great new content. Of course, we keep looking forward to the newest thing and right now there is considerable and equal parts excitement and apprehension on when that next IL-2 patch is coming. So, where is the P-47? How about the Bf109K-4, FW190D-9, Sopwith Camel or Pfalz D.IIIa? Let’s talk about that.

Reading into too much speculation

I love a good speculative thread on the community forums, on Facebook, or on Reddit where we talk about what might be coming and when. We frequently pick through breadcrumbs looking for the scoop. With excitement for a new aircraft such as the P-47 Thunderbolt for IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte at a high level it’s only natural that everyone is going to become increasingly anxious to finally fly this aircraft. I’m right there with you.

The problem is that sometimes speculating gets out of hand and the mere suggestion that the new aircraft is coming out this week, or next week, or two weeks from now becomes an endless treadmill.

Speculations begin to turn into facts and anxiousness for the patch release that is “definitely coming this week” turns to disappointment. I’ve seen it happen before and no doubt it will happen many more times after I write this editorial.

Excitement for the P-47 Thunderbolt is extremely high in the community.

All of the people we interact with from the IL-2 development team are very careful to not promise release dates unless they feel certain they can meet them. It’s why you’ll rarely hear a date from them except for a vague generality. That’s the responsible thing for a developer to do. It’s especially so for a developer team working on a complex high fidelity product like a flight sim where any number of problems can hold up development ranging from employee health to historical resources to a problematic bug.

Remember: If a patch is due, it will be mid-week

Except for the very early days, 1CGS has favoured a mid-week release for a patch. If something goes wrong the team can then attempt to solve the problem during the remainder of the week rather than working into the weekend as the team did early in IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad’s development.

Anticipating a patch release? It will almost certainly happen on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Until then…

Blasting a Pe-2 out of the sky with the FW190A-5 and its ample array of 20mm cannons.

The best thing about the IL-2 series is how much IL-2: Great Battles has been able to build into the series over the last few years. IL-2: Battle of Kuban upped the ante considerably and added some large foundational pieces to the series such as Career mode, fixing flight model issues, and also upping visual fidelity in so many areas.

Unlike the early days of IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad, we now have quite a bit of content available. Some of it has recently been available for some great 66% off sale prices (some of those prices may come again around the holiday season) making it more accessible than ever before.

While it is fun to be excited about what is yet to come, I think it’s also important to remember just how much great content we already have. If you’re ready for the P-47 for its ground pounding capabilities, why not fire up a new Career with the IL-2, FW190A-5 fighter-bomber, or Bf110? Ready to jump up to some high altitudes? A Bf109 or MiG-3 flying at high altitudes online can be great fun. They aren’t the P-47 Thunderbolt but we have to do something while we wait. Right? (But seriously, I can’t wait to fly the P-47 :)).

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  1. Blue 5 says:

    I think 20th – 21st remains most likely date.

    In the meantime, am really getting into the 190 both on-line and the great JG 51 off-line campaigns (that you reviewed ages ago)

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      How is the campaign working out for you? I heard that some were having trouble with it on recent patches. It is an excellent campaign when I played it!


  2. LF_Manu says:

    I agree with you and also admit I was one of those who were dying for something about the P-47. I took this opporunity while we wait to, fly again many planes in the career. There is so much content! Lots of variants or “lesser known” aircraft like the Hs129 that I am having a blast taking them for a spin or knowing their quircks. I am really happy and at the end we are just waiting. I think some should relax a little bit (me included) an enjoy what we have so far. You have lot’s of things to do and more to come.

    It will release when it’s ready 🙂

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It will release when it’s ready for sure and there’s much to appreciate in the meantime. I really need to spend some more time with the Hs129. That is very much on my todo list!


  3. Mischiew Rithe says:

    On the 23rd would be perfectly fine, they seem to be aiming at that. What I’m hoping is the release of the Havoc campaign DLC, which has been finished since August and is in the hands of the testers/dev team.

    The writing of DLC seems to discourage potential authors, it demands several hundreds hours of work on a moving platform, it is also a very long wait for the “QA” process, and the requirement for multi-language translation seems a bit exaggerated. I don’t know which part 1C takes in the deal but it would probably be fair to require English only, then to pay themselves the translation to other languages if that is really necessary. That’s quite a cost to advance, if one counts about 0.1€ per word for a translator, with about a thousand words per mission, for each language… So with a 15-mission campaign, let’s say 5 languages, that’s a 7500€ translation cost, and those missions are sold 10$ each. Since I doubt there’s more than a handful of guys using IL-2 in their native language, I’d simply leave that at English and Russian.

    Anyway, discovering the joys of bombing with the Havoc (just in case), Heinkels and Henschel. This is funny (if a bit crazy) with some wind, and I still have to try with a navigation computer just for fun. It’s not easy to spot the target soon enough to get time for those calculations and to adjust the trajectory, at least in the quick missions. Some targets are also so small they cannot be seen until the last miles… Perhaps it’s easier in a campaign with the legs already planned and the other airplanes? Although the AI often deviates from the route.


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