RAZBAM October update plus F-15E cockpit

RAZBAM’s monthly video update for the month of October came out detailing the latest from the developers. There’s talk about bug fixes, the F-15E Strike Eagle, a Q&A, and more! RAZBAM also recently released an image detailing their F-15E cockpit art work.

Watch the video

Coming out a few days ago, I just got around to listening in to the latest monthly update today and it offers up some interesting details. I encourage you to listen in to the whole thing but if you’re pressed for time, check out my summary below.


  • F-15E is going to be a post Desert Storm, possibly as late as early 2000s so they can implement the helmet sight for that jet.
  • Is working with Boeing, US Air Force to gather information.
  • They are thinking about doing both types of F-15E engines (F100-PW-220 and 229 engines) depending on time/resources.
  • Now using 3D scanners to get precise measurements.
  • Working on upping the texture work, chips, wear, dirt, etc., F-15E will use the new workflow.
  • RAZBAM also intends to go back and re-texture M-2000C, AV-8B (after the F-15E).
  • They will also be scanning the cockpit for the M-2000C, M-2000-5 and the M-2000D.
  • There are plans to incorporate both the 2000-5 and the 2000D into DCS World at a future date.
  • A new bug tracker is being worked on, stay tuned for that.
  • Other pages on the AV-8Bs MPCDs are still being worked on, some sooner than later.
  • Interactive training missions for the Harrier are coming.
  • RAZBAM is working on 82 ships for DCS: South Atlantic.
  • Mirage III, Harrier FRS, possibly an AI version of the Vulcan.

Check out that F-15E


The latest screenshot out of RAZBAM is showing off a render of the F-15E cockpit now starting to come together. As mentioned in the video, RAZBAM is upping the ante and doing what a couple of other DCS World developers are doing by laser scanning components to get the precise dimensions of every knob, switch, and dial while also capturing the fine details too.

Overview of RAZBAM’s active projects

The RAZBAM team seems to be made up of several sub teams (so far as I can tell) with one of those teams working away on the South Atlantic themed project. That project will be a slow burn and it will take months or years for that to come together. In the meantime there are also teams working on the F-15E, A-29, MiG-19 and some new resources directed at the AV-8B and later at the M-2000C. There are probably further sub divisions as well that are just not clear.

The project that will launch next from RAZBAM is the MiG-19 which continues to make progress and we’ve seen it come a long way over the last few months. With fewer weapon systems and simpler avionics, the MiG-19 is expected to release more or less feature complete is what we’ve been told. That may happen early in the new year.

Stay tuned for more!

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