Flight sim holiday updates

We’re now in December and the holiday season beckons (or has already started for some) and that means that I’ll be putting together a series of posts looking back at 2018 and looking forward to 2019 particularly as we near the end of the month. We’ve had a pretty exciting year for flight sims and I’ll be revisiting my predictions from late last year and early this year to see how things have panned out and what the disappointments and surprises were.

A year of updates on Stormbirds

The Stormbirds site has grown a bit over the last year and I’m seeing more people viewing and interacting with the blog than ever before.

I set out to create this mostly as a writing experiment to get better and quicker at putting out articles but its taken on a life of its own and that’s pretty exciting.

I’ve added features like the Community Q&A (of which I have several more in various stages that I’m excited to share with you folks when I can) and tried to capture as much news, events and other cool stuff going on around the flight sim world as I can. I’ve also talked a tiny bit about other titles peripheral to our experience as well as focusing in on DCS World and IL-2 in a big way. I haven’t posted many War Thunder updates nor have I talked about the flying experience from Battlefield V but I will probably talk a little bit about those as time allows.

As with any hobby (and this site is very much a hobby for me), I do this blog for my enjoyment first but I’m also the kind of person who wants to try and help others out and that means trying to provide the kinds of quality content when I can and opinion on issues where I think it may help.

Let me know your thoughts

This is where I ask for your thoughts. How has 2018 has been for you in your flight sim experience? What’s got you excited? What has you down (if anything)? What are you most looking forward to in 2019? I’ll be reading and interacting with your comments on this post and I’ll very much be keeping them in mind for follow up posts coming later this month.

The holiday season is always a busy one for me but I do have plenty of stuff to talk about before 2018 rolls to a close. There is also no doubt in my mind that the constellation of talented developers surrounding DCS World and Eagle Dynamics as well as the fine folks at 1C Game Studios will be keeping us on our toes right through the season.

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  1. Huckle says:

    Highlights of 2018 –
    Il-2 3.001 (with the Kuban map, I can now reproduce my first experiences of the Il-2 demo in 2002, have dug it up and reinstalled just to compare 🙂
    Hopefully Dec 21st release of Heatblur Tomcat! With the F-14 and the PG map, one of my flight sim bucket list items will be ticked off, only 8 more to go!
    Lowlight – DCS attempt at copy protection that required login every 3 days. Stupid idea, and poorly handled. I’d have had to stop using DCS if they hadn’t eventually come to their senses and released an offline mode.

    Hoping that Team Fusion will release 5.0 in 2019, although I have quite enough to play at the moment with mastering (ha) the Huey, working my way through later Il-2 planes, and F-14 likely to fill my plate for the next 12 months – a good time to be simming.

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  2. Nil says:

    I am excited by the upcoming U2/Po2 , Flying circus and Tank crew. What I love is innovation from the 1C dev teams.
    For 2019, I hope that the Li2 will come up, as well as more and more improvements for our beloved sim.
    Right now the MP events are a real blast: SG2 on monday and FNBF on friday.
    I believe IL2GB is a quite polished sim now. Of course it needs more love, but right now, playing it is a blast.
    Thank you Shamerock15 for this blog, I love to read it. It is a great addition to the forum and the discord channel.
    All the best!

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  3. rustyeagle says:

    keep up the good work, love this blog. looking forward to the rest of BoBp planes

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  4. rustyeagle1994 says:

    Excellent blog you have here, love reading it and its where i get most of my flight sim news. as for 2019 im looking forward to the f14 in DCS and the p51 in il2

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  5. 1_Robert says:

    I commend you for a wonderful blog Shamrock. Combat flight simming is a small niche market and I believe you capture the relevant topics of the day better than anyone or any site.

    If I were to peruse the forums of the 2 main flight sim sites on a daily basis, I would most likely find the content of that interests me most closely matches your blog content. This provides me an efficient way to stay on top of what’s happening in this space.

    So thanks again Shamrock and I hope you continue to keep this site alive.

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  6. CanadaOne says:

    Great site. Very well put together and always enjoyable.

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  7. Jeroen Wedda says:

    What can I say, other than what has been said already? This website is becoming one of a very prestigeous list of websites I visit daily.. 😉
    It is becoming my primary website for flight-sim news.
    As far as the last year goes… I have rediscovered Il-2 as being a complete and fun WW2 sim. Focussing on experiencing that era. It was the same feeling I had as when Oleg Maddox gave me en early alpha back in the day when he was still looking for a publisher.
    My primary sim is still DCS. And my feeling with DCS is one of promise. It’s always the same, the promise of a new engine, a new plane, a new scenery, “out of early access”, new campaign engine, new ATC, new weather, dedicated server, functioning multicrew, the list is endless and always includes the standard delay message. It’s not finished and it most likely will never be finished but it always has promise of being really really great.. And I do really like flying it with all it’s shortcomings

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  8. Mischiew Rithe says:

    In the highlights, I’d put discovering this blog! I’m not sure how you manage to get us so many updates that are all very interesting to read 🙂 There’s an obvious skill to scavenge top news from the vast community forum pits out there, and to keep track of plots and hidden development strategies! On top of that, the regulars here always give very good comments, so a very nice place to be, thanks a lot for all the time you must have spent for that!

    The focus on IL-2 and DCS seems a good choice, which is obviously very subjective. I’ve spent my share of late hours in X-Plane and P3D but it’s definitely a different audience, even if those platforms have their own merit. They are to IL-2 and DCS what hypermarkets are to little, cozy enthusiast’s shops. Except maybe for A2A products, they have a soul of their own, even in P3D 😉

    And on-the-side subjects now and then is good for our soul, lest we become unconditional warbird geeks, or even nerds.

    Other highlights have been the IL-2 update to 3.001, as already said above: the upgraded graphics, weather effects and the career mode are a renewed joy for this casual WWII sim. Then there is the Hornet of course – even if I didn’t have enough time to study and follow its latest updated. And hopefully, indeed another expected early release end of this year, I currently can’t get enough of Tomcat documentaries, books and movies.

    On the anticlimactic side, the announcement of their next module by Magnitude 3. Even if I tried to support them in their forums, I’m not sure it’ll ever make its way into my hangar. It was all very sad, they shoot themselves in the foot with such a ridiculous hype build-up, and the CE2 was not really something fans were longing for either.

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  9. oboe says:

    I agree, discovering this blog was among the highlights of 2018 for me. I visit almost daily now. Shamrock15, you are doing a great job with content and the site itself is beautiful. Following this blog has encouraged me to take my first steps into DCS, and I plan also to get into IL-2 in the coming year.

    For 2019, I am most looking forward to the F-16C in DCS and the P-38 Lightning in IL-2 Bodenplatte.


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  10. SCG_Hobo says:

    Highlights for me have been Il2 BoX’s updates. I am excited that additional people are switching over to Il2.

    Other than Il2, I am most excited to see the release of Deadstick. Any further releases by A2A on P3D or X-plane is of interest to me.


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