DCS beta patch comes with fixes, AGM-65F

This F/A-18C Hornet focused patch update for DCS World comes with plenty of fixes for the Hornet and early implementation of the AGM-65F as well as finalized code for the AGM-65E. There are also updates to the JHMCS, radar, and some bugs squashed too.

Hornet focused but not exclusive

In addition to the F/A-18C getting some much needed bugs squashed, there are also some small fixes to other items ranging from a disappearing Su-24 bug to self destructing Su-34s. The Viggen also gets some patches with some afterburner graphics glitches solved, some waypoint pathing issues, and the implementation of the Ground Radar 2.0 Heatblur developed raycasted ground radar – the first of its kind in DCS World (to the best of my knowledge).

The Hornet picks up a whole bunch of updates that I think are essential to the smooth operating of some of the aircraft’s radar systems. Let’s check these and other fixes for the jet out:

DCS F/A-18C Hornet

Added radio command to AI wingmen to “Go to Tanker”.
Corrected nose bounce and blackout when launching from the aircraft carrier with a heavy payload.

Updated AGM-65E/F. While the AGM-65E is now complete, the AGM-65F is still a work in progress. Known AGM-65F issues include TDC slew roughness, missile speed, and seeker lock distance against ships.
Radar fixes:
– Radar will no longer move to the other side of the display when when the radar is commanded gimbal limits
– Fix the antenna position if the HMD is turned on and the operator looks at the HUD
– Radar no longer gets stuck in an 8-degree scan and that cannot be exited after locking a target and breaking lock
– Rmax and Seeker Cue can no longer appear outside the tactical radar area.
– HACQ/LHAQ mode – radar FOV circle will be drawn while looking through HUD
– HACQ/LHAQ mode – radar lock while looking through HUD is fixed
– Fixed radar antenna position lock when HMD is turned on and looking through HUD
– Up-look reticles was added

DCS World Changelog

These all sound great and I can’t wait to get a chance to fly with these system updates in place.

Check the official patch notes for the full list of updates for users on the beta patch release schedule.

Update (December 6 at 7:09 am EST): The Hornet also now comes with 13 interactive training missions which is a sizable boost for the module and for new pilots learning the module.

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  1. schurem says:

    What they glossed over in the patch notes but actually is a pretty big deal (imo) is the inclusion of the first 13 interactive training missions for the F/A-18C.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Totally missed that in the notes. That’s huge. I’ll update the article!


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