Virtual Festival of Aerobatic teams 2018 is on!

Tune your computer to Twitch.TV for the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams (VFAT) 2018 which is now underway and will be through this weekend.

A (virtual) airshow

Just like a real airshow, VFAT features multiple performers and aerobatics groups all flying on the DCS World platform. There are virtual versions of the Patrouille Suisse, Thunderbirds, Red Arrows, Blue Angels, Russian Knights and Blue Impulse as examples as well as completely unique performances.

Show announcers and virtual camera work help the virtual airshow come together on Twitch.TV. Check it out on the link or check it out after the fact on the VFAT Twitch.TV channel.

Watch live video from VirtualAirshows on


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  1. oboe says:

    Thanks for featuring this with a story – I had no idea what VFAT was but checked the site at various times over the weekend and was impressed by what I saw – congratulations and thanks to everybody at Virtual Airshows, and the pilots of all the teams that performed. Really enjoyed watching that.

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