A quick look at the DCS: F4U-1D VFAT reveal live stream

Leatherneck Simulations did a special reveal live stream of their DCS: F4U-1D this weekend as part of the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams (VFAT) 2019 and I wanted to go over a few details from what we learned on this module in development.

Bringing the gul-wing Corsair to DCS

Leatherneck Simulations is busy developing their new F4U-1D Corsair module for DCS World and it seems that their hard work is really beginning to pay off as they showed off many different aspects of the module during the presentation today.

Here are some key highlights:

  • Extensive research and modeling for the landing gear that shows off the Corsair’s deck handling abilities necessary for a carrier aircraft
  • Confirmed as a late 1944 F4U-1D with a full suite of air to ground weapons potentially including the Tiny Tim 11.75 in rockets
  • An adversary AI aircraft is currently being considered
  • A campaign is being considered but may not come until later
  • The aircraft is capable of being operated from aircraft carriers including a purpose built Essex-class carrier (the catapult is also said to be planned as an operational piece)

You can watch the live stream from Twitch.TV and check out a few of the images that I captured as part of the stream.


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  1. Mike Williams says:

    Now just make me a F9F Panther to go on that carrier and a North Korean Map, so with the F-86, P-51, Mig-15 I could have a decent theater to play USN carrier ops on.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      An F9F and a Korea map would go a long way towards making a Korea scenario a compelling option for DCS World. That might be an easier choice than WWII itself if ED and their third parties were to agree on some thematic directions.


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