IL-2 patch 3.009 brings new content

Surprise! Patch 3.009 is out! 1CGS is working their way up to the holidays by releasing yet another new patch for the series. This one is focused on making available some new content including the long awaited U-2VS as well as the previously talked about Fortress on the Volga and Gambit21’s new A-20B campaign: Havoc over the Kuban! Oh and a bunch of other cool things too!

U-2VS/Po-2 now available!

News had dried up about the third party created U-2VS/Po-2 biplane that saw extensive use during WWII doing just about every role imaginable and being made famous by the all-female pilot group: the Night Witches.

Suddenly the U-2VS is now available and you can buy this Collector Plane in the IL-2 store for a slight discount of $19.99 (from $22.99 USD regular price). No word on how long the discount will be available but that is the current situation.

Fortress on the Volga and Havoc Over the Kuban!

Two new single player experiences are now available in 3.009 as well: Fortress on the Volga and Havoc Over the Kuban.

Fortress on the Volga is a sequel of sorts to the Ten Days of Autumn campaign putting the same pilot in I./JG 52 on the front lines of the Stalingrad campaign in the autumn. This 15-mission campaign I’ve had a chance to play already while creating a trailer for it and it features some fast paced action and relatively short flying times for most missions. I haven’t played all of the missions but I look forward to doing that and I will be sharing my own review once I’ve had a chance over the holidays.

Watch the trailer that I created for this campaign if you want to try and get a sense of the gameplay opportunities.

The second campaign released today is called Havoc Over the Caucasus and I once again have a personal connection to this as I was part of the tester team working with Gambit21 on ironing out the bugs and giving feedback. This 16-mission campaign is all about the A-20B on the Kuban map and it features longer play missions with plenty of events and details to keep things going.

Both of these campaigns are available on the IL-2 store for promotional $7.99 each prices. Later, they will go back to the normal price of $9.99.

Other content additions and other fixes

Keeping with the theme of this patch, there are several other updates to the IL-2 series thanks to this patch. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New Career mission “Troop concentration night bombing strike”
  • New Career mission “Enemy airfield night bombing strike”
  • New Career mission “Railway hub night bombing strike”
  • New Career mission “Supply dump night bombing strike”
  • New Career mission “River crossing night bombing strike”
  • Our community enthusiast =BlackHellHound1= remade all outer textures of Bf 109 F-2 (main texture, bump, specular, damage) and made historically accurate skins for it in 4К
  • Three new skins for Fokker Dr.I
  • Two new skins for SPAD 13.C1

There are also several new fixes that I think might be of note:

  • Projectile hits at turret gunners now calculated properly (they weren’t counted properly before)
  • The delay, when a new player connects to a server, has been minimized for other players
  • The bug that caused AI pilots to miss ground targets has been fixed
  • AI checks the altitude in a downward spiral maneuver

Last update of the year

This will be likely the last update of the year and its an awfully nice set of Christmas presents here with a great collection of new content, updates to current items, and plenty to explore over the holiday season. I’ve just finished downloading the patch

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  1. wolf pack345 says:

    Ohh wow! I really was not expecting this update today! Very excited to hop in the Po2!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Neither was I. It’s been a busy day for sims!


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