IL-2 3.009 hotfix corrects multiplayer bug

If you flew IL-2 online earlier today you may have noticed that machine guns were causing instant 100% damage to aircraft. The slightest glancing shot sent aircraft spinning to the ground. Fortunately, its not another change to the damage model but rather a weird and rather obscure multiplayer bug that cropped up – and has now been squashed.

Bug squashed in under 24 hours

1CGS pulled out all the stops today to solve this bug and get multiplayer functioning normally again and Han posted this just a few hours ago on the forum:

We have fixed this new Multiplayer Damage issue – please update your game.
Sorry for this mistake, but long-time expected fixes in MP which we’re working on requires very deep investigation and changes. Some things can’t be located in internal test due to their random or specific nature. Anyway, we have located and fixed this issue as soon as it was possible and there less than 24 hours have pass from 3.009 release till this fix.
With Regards
IL-2 Sturmovik team.

Han on the IL-2 forums

The origin of the bug likely originates with the team working on a variety of changes under the hood for the multiplayer side of things as 1CGS has stated more than a few times that they intend to improve the experience for multiplayer players. That includes tweaking the networking code – but occasionally doing that will cause something to go wrong and it can be missed in testing.

Fortunately, 1CGS is a quick bunch and they figured out what was happening right away.

Just fine! But I want to see!

The footage is pretty crazy so here’s a couple of videos showing it off.

Update is live

The hotfix to solve this already live so don’t be surprised when a small patch download starts up before you next IL-2 flying session!

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