DCS: C-101 moves forward while Hawk T.1 bows out

With VEAO dropping out of DCS World development, it was only a matter of time before the Hawk T.1 hit a point where it wouldn’t be supported by future updates on DCS World and we’re now at that point starting with the release of 2.5.4. While the Hawk will disappear from DCS World going forward, AvioDev offers an interesting jet trainer and light attack alternative in the form of the C-101EB and CC are pushing forward with a full flight model upgrade and a new variant with weapons employment.

The CASA C-101 trainer

Operated by Chile, Honduras, Jordan and Span, the Spanish CASA C-101 was designed primarily as a jet trainer and came into service in 1980 with service continuing through to the present day. In addition to its jet trainer duties, the C-101CC variant is a light attack aircraft with a variety of mostly air-to-ground munitions.

Until now, the DCS C-101 offered only the trainer EB version which has just been joined by the CC variant.

Upgrades and new features

The biggest change in the most recent DCS World Open Beta is the inclusion of an all new flight model using EFM flying parameters which brings the aircraft up to the level of many other third party developers. Over the preceding months AvioDev has also upgraded the visuals of the cockpit and ensured that the module fits well into DCS World 2.5

The C-101CC comes with a standard selection of Western ground attack munitions plus some interesting unique options such as the Sea Eagle anti-ship missile, the BLG-66 Belouga, CLBS-200 container with 4 BDU-33 training bomblets, and the BIN-200, BR 250 and 500.

A new guide on how to use the weapon systems is available here and AvioDev continues to provide new information on the Eagle Dynamics sub-forum and on their Facebook page.

Promotion and sale price

AvioDev is showing off their newly upgraded module with a new promotional trailer. As a bonus, the aircraft is currently on sale along with most of the other DCS World modules at $30 on the DCS e-Store.

While news that the Hawk is leaving is surely infuriating for many, it is perhaps also fitting that another trainer module by a relatively new third party developer is pressing forward.


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  1. 79vRAF says:

    I’m half interested, the Sea Eagle missiles have captured my attention. Thing is they’ve taken years to get to this stage and they promised the Mirage F.1 quite some time ago. All went very quiet on that front, unfortunately. I’d really like to support them, and the sale price is tempting, but I think I’ll wait on this one. See how well it is received by the community and how well it stacks up against the L-39.

    Sad that I can no longer fly my Hawk without a separate install of DCS though. It’s not something I flew often, and I picked it up for not much in a sale, but still liked having it as an option.


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