Last IL-2 dev update of the year!

2018 has been a great year for the IL-2 series and 2019 looks like it’s going to be another big one and 1CGS has teased us with plenty of new information about what’s coming next along with a new video showing off their work with destructible buildings. This all coming in the latest developer diary. Let’s have a look!

Multiple aircraft currently in development

We’ve already seen the external model for the FW190D-9 and now we’re getting a look at the new cockpit complete with the EZ 42 gyro gunsight! With the external and now the interior looking more or less complete, it is very likely that we’ll see the FW190D-9 emerge sometime early in the new year along with the next patch.

The diary also says that there are multiple types underway at the same time. We’ve heard that Jason was able to make his way to the UK to get images and data on the Tempest Mark V and fans are also eager to hear about the P-51D Mustang, P-38J Lightning, and of course the Me262 which also was mentioned.

Having completed the implementation of the air compressibility and significant improvements to the damage model (they are already in the public version of the sim), our Lead Engineer is creating the physical model of the jet engine for Me 262. Of course, this work opens up the possibility to widen our aircraft pool in the future.

Han, IL-2 developer diary #213

To date, no jet engines are present in the IL-2: Great Battles Series so the Me262 presents a challenge for the team to create a new type of engine and then model it to a level that we expect as simulation pilots.

Also interesting to note is the possibility to widen the aircraft pool. I suspect this has short and longer term implications with my guess that an Ar234 could be forthcoming as a future Collector Plane (using the same Jumo 004 engine on the 262) and that the series could make a jump forward to 1950 and the Korean War at some point in the future (though that may be a few years from now).

The next two aircraft for Flying Circus

We now know the next two aircraft in the Flying Circus aircraft production line and they are the Fokker D.VII (and similar Fokker D.VIIF) and the Sopwith Dolphin. These aircraft are being converted by Ugra Media from the Rise of Flight models into Flying Circus and we’ve already seen the four aircraft they have already done really shine.

I was able to get up close with a Fokker D.VII in the summer and I’m pretty excited to fly that aircraft in the sim again.

Ugra Media is also busy building the Arras map (1918).

Tank Crew’s destructible buildings, new tanks coming

A big update is coming to Tank Crew some time in the new year and that will feature a whole bunch of new updates. Four tanks are being built now with the M4A2, T-34 mod. 1943, PzKpfw IV Ausf.G and PzKpfw III Ausf.M coming next. New models also also coming for the crew inside the tank are coming once their animations are complete.

Meanwhile, 1CGS is building the Kursk/Belgorod map themselves and they have taken the opportunity to implement a new destructible building system which they are showing off in this new YouTube video.

I have to remind myself that it was only a few years ago that FPS games started to do this in a big way (and Battlefield 1 and V recently made some improvements here) along with War Thunder’s tank mode. Now, we’ve got a flight sim that simulates hundreds of kilometers of scenery that is also tackling this kind of tech. The Caveat is that not every building on the map will feature this kind of detail (just the ones in the key areas of the map featuring tank battles), still, this is an impressive bit of technology!

Last update for 2018

That’s it for updates from 1CGS in 2018 and it will probably be a couple of weeks as the Russian developers take a much needed rest during their holiday period at the beginning of January. This last update covers the breadth of the IL-2 series development right now and I look forward to seeing some great updates from them in 2019.

Check out the full dev diary here and see all of the new screenshots including some beautiful 4K P-47 skins in development.

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  1. rookieace says:

    This is exciting! Glad to hear the Arras map is now in the works! The Dolphin and Fokker D.VII/VIIf will be interesting to see too, with the Germans finally getting a high-altitude option to challenge the SPAD.

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