Jabbers presents early access DCS: F-14 video

More videos are now appearing on YouTube from select members of the DCS world community now showing off what the DCS: F-14 from Heatblur is all about. Next up is Jabber who, after a teaser last week, has presented us a nearly 28 minute long examination of many of the F-14s features.

Jester, ground attack, air-to-air

Jabber’s examination of the DCS: F-14 is relatively in-depth showing us the beautiful cockpit, an examination of the flying qualities of the Tomcat, a solid demonstration of many of the features that the Jester AI (your backseat RIO) can do including a hint that there are some fun “Easter Eggs” buried in the voice-overs, and so much more. Check it out!

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  1. TJR says:

    That Is a slick piece of marketing, the work Heatblur has done is incredible. The Tomcat is far less stable, and way more of a handful/analog beast to fly than I thought. Looks like MAC might be the best first purchase into DCS for me.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      We’re hearing some new details about MAC that may end up not being the right match for everyone. I’ll report more on that when we know more – it does sound now like MAC is being somewhat separated from the DCS World line-up to some extent and that it will come with some different more game like features. That may leave the FC3 aircraft and package still in the mix.


  2. TJR says:

    Thanks Sham, I can’t wait to see what is happening when you get threw parsing it out.

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  3. Michael Dwyer says:

    I think the biggest issue with MAC and multiplayer is gong to be the map, since unlike IL-2, you have to own the map to play on it in multiplayer. Since most MAC users will only have the “limited area” Persian Gulf map, they are not going to be able to play on any of the current set ups. Someone is going to have to design a mission to include the MAC PG map, which may turn some regular players off. I think this is the biggest issue with DSC now, that and the WWII assets being a separate buy (unlike the ground units for modern which are available to everyone without having to by Combined Arms.)


  4. boxcarleader says:

    As i cant find a way to Email you directly Shamrock i would like to ask you if you would put out a post on the aicraft coming to DCS WW2 and what the differences are between whats coming for IL2 Sturmovik and DCS along with what you see as the pros and cons for both..

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That sounds like an interesting subject. I’ll think about how I will approach something like that and see what I can do.

      Goal for 2019. Setup an e-mail account for the blog 🙂


  5. boxcarleader says:

    The previous comment was left as i have spent hundreds of hours on IL@ and DCS but more recently due to the sale on the NORMANDY MAP for DCS and the assets pack … both were like $30 i find myself getting into the DCS WW2 more than IL2 as looking closely at the Aircraft and new Upgraded Visuals DCS has become Down Right BEAUTIFUL… while IL2 is pretty across the board it is a different feel. I will definitely play IL2 again fairly soon but im board of all the aircraft in the game while they do put out a lot each year… they don’t take to long to learn… just figure out how to not break them … that and the seeming complete lack of blackouts except for at around 9 Gs in IL2 kind of ruins the immersion for me. Oh and their complete lack of bomber aircaft for the most recent patch along with their pretty lame excuse as to why they wont go for big bombers or at least more two engine variety. Please leave out the cost as a reason because lets be honest any serious simmer knows that issue what do we get from one that we don’t get from the other.. i would also point out that most simmers know there is a bigger community online for IL2 but its only about twice as many and that can be once again turned around to the cost issue. i want your opinion on the aircraft and the expand-ability along with your opinions on what the devs will do with both … i mean hey DCS Mossi oh hell ya


  6. Blue 5 says:

    So MAC does not equal FC3 which does not [in truth] equal latest DCS standard? Sounds like something of a community splitter.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Still gathering information on what MAC actually is. It does seem like it’s split from what we know of the previous plans.

      Article will be coming once we know more.


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